BREAKING: New Details Emerge on Shredded Ballots Found in Dumpster (UPDATE)

Shocking new details have been released relating to the shredded ballots that were discovered in Maricopa County, Arizona last week.

They were shredded and in a dumpster and all of this occurred just before an audit was due to begin.

Getting to the point of actually having an audit conducted has been a battle that has been fought by Democrats every step of the way.

If you ask me, the only reason why they would need to fight it is because there is something to hide that they don't want to get out to the public, plus they need time to get rid of as much evidence as they can. This is why I think shredded ballots have been found.

The question that arose in my mind was whether or not these ballots were from the recent election in 2020 or if they were older ballots and it was time for them to be discarded.

Now we have some new details on these ballots that were found. Based on early inspections, it does look like as these ballots are being pieced back together, they are from the 2020 election.

Keep in mind these aren't just blank ballots, these are ballots that have been filled in by someone.

For months, Maricopa County has been one of the centers of focus for investigation into election fraud. There has just been too many questionable events take place with this election.

For example, there was no chain of custody, ballots were never secured after receipt from the Board of Supervisors...why not? Why hasn't Jovan Hutton Pulitzer been able to do his job in inspecting the ballots?

I do think that it's possible that we are able to uncover some strong evidence of foul play in the election in Maricopa County, but I don't think they'll get enough evidence to overturn anything or pin it on any particular individuals. Ballots are shredded and they're not supposed to be...okay, so then what? This won't overturn any election.

I think they've basically gotten away with the perfect crime.

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