BREAKING! Memos Show Joe Biden Tried to Entrap Donald Trump Over 'Classified' Documents

Joe Biden claims he was never a part of and is unaware of the most recent raid on President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. As always, new information shows that the puppet of the liberal left in the Oval Office is lying. Joe has mastered the art of B.S.

His most recent lie, though, might get him and his dishonest, anti-American regime into trouble. The White House argued that Biden, "just like the American people," learned of the early raid through the reports from the media.

However, recently made public memos reveal a slightly different story. Recent White House memos were made available to investigative journalist John Solomon. The Biden administration collaborated closely with the DOJ and National Archives to "facilitate the investigation," according to these memos.

These memos are in direct opposition to what the White House is telling the American people. They're lying. But that's what they do and that's who they are.  Never has the lying stopped. Even our southern border is a lie according to the Biden regime.

He lied about how successful the withdrawal from Afghanistan was. It was anything but successful. Debacle would be a better assessment. Biden lies about inflation, lies about skyrocketing energy costs, and lies about his so-called “Inflation Reduction Act”.

Again, Joe Biden is practiced at the art of lying. The entire “cabal of corrupt liberal Democrats” walks and talks in unison, to stay in step with every untruth. According to these memos, the Biden White House used a devious tactic to attack President Trump.

Apparently, Biden felt like he could just indiscriminately remove President Trump’s right to executive privilege. They may be in for a surprise. By removing executive privilege, this allowed the DOJ to issue a subpoena for various documents.

There is, nor ever was, an “urgent need” to secure “top secret documents” that President Trump carted off when he left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is another sham investigation with no other aim but to slander, defame, and ultimately try to destroy the former president.

The memos show that as early as April, former White House Deputy Counsel Jonathan Su had conversations with the FBI, the DOJ, and the National Archives. This was after President Trump voluntarily returned 15 boxes of materials.

Another piece of damning evidence surfaced in Solomon’s investigation as well. In May, the acting National Archivist, Debra Steidel Wall, sent a letter to President Trump’s lawyers. This letter revealed that the Biden White House was involved.

This entire process is a sham. During the two-month period between the previous letter and the raid, President Trump was told to secure a trove of documents. Suddenly, in the dark of night, an army of federal agents showed up at Mar-a-Lago with a search warrant.

The raid on President Trump’s home is another in a long line of political schemes to destroy him. The corrupt progressive left is scared to death of him running for president again. He is going to. They are pulling out all the stops, including their favorite, lying!

Photo Credit: Emma Kaden

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