BREAKING: Man Charged with Several Crimes Including Stealing Mail-In Ballots

The Democrats have developed an undeniably effective strategy to gain an electoral advantage. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, liberals saw an opportunity. They have long been proponents of significant changes to the way Americans can vote.

If the Democrats had their way, voters might have had six months to cast a ballot. However, the pandemic provided them with another opportunity to advance their cause. With so many parts of the country in lockdown, voters needed alternatives to physically going to polling stations.

What were once isolated instances of absentee voting by individuals with valid reasons has become widespread vote-by-mail. The Democrats have subsequently pushed for legislation that would send ballots to every American citizen.

It’s worse than the “Reader’s Digest” mail-in sweepstakes sham. Some argue that if they had their way, Democrats would include the name of the “supposed resident” or current occupant. Mail-in voting flung open the portal to election fraud.

Like many experts warned, mail-in voting has been a fiasco. There’s probably not a single American who couldn’t point to at least one incident of “lost mail,” “incorrect address issues,” or other headaches created by ineptitude at the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Handing over millions of critical election ballots to the USPS didn’t exude confidence. But even if the USPS did their jobs perfectly, there were still far too many opportunities to steal, manipulate, and flat-out cheat using mail-in ballots.

Again, experts tried to warn people that this was going to be a problem. Democrats didn’t care. They knew exactly what they were going to do; cheat. Some states enacted absurd laws that allowed mules to drive around and hoard mail-in ballots.

These mules would then stuff them into convenient drop boxes. The number of issues that could arise from that process was obvious, and Democrats used them. It allowed them to infuse illegal ballots into these stacks and then cram them all into boxes to be counted later.

It was virtually impossible to distinguish legal ballots from phony ones. Consequently, it was a mitigated disaster. But there were other ways to cheat. Not only could phony ballots be included in the mix, but legitimate ballots could be stolen.

Ballots for certain voters, invariably conservatives, would mysteriously disappear. Ballots were mailed to deceased people. Furthermore, ballots were sent to wrong addresses. If anyone mentioned these obvious issues, they were labeled a lunatic conspiracy nut. They weren’t.

Mail-in voting, which was widespread and often unnecessary, provided a clear opportunity for cheating, and they took advantage of it. The evidence is overwhelming, but liberals refuse to listen. Documentary films like “2000 Mules” provide video evidence of illegal ballot box stuffing.

Patriotic organizations such as Project Veritas have exposed payment schemes by Democrats to hire thousands of “mules” to orchestrate this crime. Mail-in voting is highly susceptible to fraud if everyone plays by the rules. Democrats don’t.

Despite all the evidence of Democrats manipulating mail-in voting rules, there are situations where individuals simply broke the law to cheat. One Philadelphia man took it upon himself to help the “liberal cause.”

According to reports, Zachkey James stole an “Arrow Key” from a USPS worker. He used the stolen key to access mail collection boxes. As part of his thievery, James absconded with at least fifteen (15) mail-in ballots.

A U.S. attorney recently uploaded a video to Twitter in which she expressed concern over a spike in mail crimes. Jacqueline C. Romero said, “In recent months, there has been a rise in crimes involving the mail, including mail theft, check washing, and robberies of postal carriers.”

According to an Epoch Times report, three men, including James, were recently charged. James was charged with impersonating a U.S. Postal Mail Carrier. He was found in possession of three Arrow Keys.

The Arrow Keys allow individuals to access the master door panel for clusters of mailboxes. These are the types of mailboxes found in large apartments and condominiums. The indictment says besides the three keys, James also had approximately 15 mail-in ballots.

This is one isolated incident in a major U.S. city. How many more mail thefts have occurred around the country, especially those involving critical election ballots? This is just another obvious reason to curtail mail-in voting.

Some people may justifiably require a way to cast their vote that doesn’t involve getting to a polling location. These situations should require rigid proof of identification. They should be limited. The rest of the country should vote in-person.

Maybe “early in-person” voting is a topic conservatives must consider in order to achieve election integrity. In-person voting must require ID. Mail-in voting can’t always do this. It’s way too easy to cheat. But Democrats want it that way because that's what they do: they cheat.

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