BREAKING: Kamala Harris Involved in Car Accident...Why is the MSM Silent?

If you mainly follow the mainstream media outlets like Fox News or any of the other outlets, then you probably weren't even aware that Kamala Harris was involved in a car accident earlier this week.

Apparently, The Washington post at least published an article about this on Wednesday, but even this came days after the incident happened. But just because they published an article about it doesn't mean that they actually made an effort to get the story out to the public.

According to The Washington Post,

The Secret Service agent driving Harris in an SUV struck the curb of a downtown tunnel hard enough that the vehicle’s tire needed to be replaced, bringing the motorcade to a standstill near Foggy Bottom at about 10:20 a.m., said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share internal discussions.

Harris had to be transferred to another vehicle in the motorcade so agents could safely spirit her to the White House. The routine nature of the travel and the high level of training required for agents who drive the president and vice president led many in the Secret Service, as well as Harris, to question how such an accident could happen.

The Secret Service also failed to note key details of the incident in an electronic message formally alerting senior leadership to the motorcade’s delay. The agency’s protective intelligence division reported that “a mechanical failure” in the lead car had forced agents to transfer Harris to another vehicle during a scheduled movement to the White House, according to details of the alert shared with The Washington Post.

Well, would you believe that this actually took place on October 3rd? That's right. This happened several days ago, but it hasn't even been hinted at in the mainstream media. I just can't figure out why this would be so important to keep it secret. It wasn't a serious accident, so if it's not a big deal, then why not even mention it?

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