BREAKING! Huge Development in Ballots in Fulton County Georgia After MASSIVE Discrepancies Found

If the only news you've been getting about the election has come from the mainstream media, then you've been misled.

Thankfully, as faithful readers of this site, you know better and you know the truth about what happened in November.

Audits and investigations into ballot irregularities are ongoing.

The liberal mainstream media would like us to believe otherwise. Radical progressives want America to just accept Joe Biden's suspicious win in the 2020 election as certified authentic. It is not. The deeper the investigators dig, the more alarming the findings become.

Fulton County, Georgia has been targeted as ground-zero in election [email protected] claims. No one has ever supplied a reasonable answer for the odd unearthing of suitcases filled with ballots from under a table.

The pulling of these suitcases happened when poll workers assumed the cameras were turned off. Each time a new irregularity or evidence of nefarious activities surfaces, the liberal clowns blow it off as just another conspiracy theory. It is not.

Now a forensic audit in Fulton County is showing that there may be thousands of double-counted ballots. Must be nice to be a candidate for public office, and have trusted pollsters giving you a two-to-one edge when counting your votes.

What if these mysterious double count discrepancies are discovered to be more widespread than first thought? That would go a long way in proving former President Donald Trump's claims he found it unbelievable that he could hit his national vote tally, but still be outscored by his opponent.

There has always been a huge question mark surrounding how the total number of votes in America broke a national record by such an astonishing margin. Sure, the election allowed a number of additional votes to be cast because of the (forbidden illness).

But could it account for the millions of extra votes Joe Biden somehow tallied to his scorecard? The alarming new reports out of Fulton County clearly prove that there may be more [email protected] evidence left to be found.

This single revelation should cause U.S. Senators to begin an investigation into the authenticity of the 2020 United States Presidential Election. How ironic it would be if all the proclaimed insinuations that anyone who questioned the authenticity of the final 2020 results was delusional.

There may not be a process left to actually overturn the election results four months into a new administration. However, if conservative forces can continue to prove radical progressives cheated their way into the White House; it could provide a silver lining to a dark cloud of political corruption.

The current administration taking up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue is a [email protected]. It seems the deeper we dig the more evidence there is to prove the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Seems President Trump may have been right all along.

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