BREAKING: Governor Violated Own Policies to Go on Vacation

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer or as I like to call her, the Wicked Witch of the North, has found herself under scrutiny once again for violating her own orders.

We saw this last year when she told people not to travel and then headed to her vacation home.

Well, she's done it once again.

As the (forbidden illness) started to sweep across the United States, different governors took different approaches in their handling of the threat.

Michigan has applied some of the most restrictive lockdowns and state mandates in the country. At multiple points, these Draconian measures have proven unsuccessful. All they have accomplished is to destroy the Michigan economy, destroy businesses, and destroy the morale of Michigan's citizens.

Consistently at the heart of each controversy has been Whitmer. There have been numerous calls to impeach her for her dereliction of duty. Not only have Whitmer's policies failed Michiganders, but they have also been wildly hypocritical.

Case in point, recently Whitmer publicly cautioned Michigan college students against traveling to Florida for spring break. She clarified her decision as good common sense. However, it has now been reported that Whitmer herself took a trip to the Sunshine State.

Once again, another Draconian lockdown advocating radical Democrat leader is caught violating their own rules. If not so pathetically demoralizing to everyday citizens, it might be comical. What is equally disturbing is Whitmer's attempt at covering up the trip.

Like her liberal counterpart, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Whitmer has continually placed unrealistic mandates on Michigan citizens, only to violate these orders herself. It is a sense of elite entitlement that bleeds throughout the radical Democrat Party.

Democrat leaders have been caught violating their own orders dozens of times during the more than a year-long (forbidden illness) ordeal. The Draconian rules, rules which have destroyed lives, do not apply to the radical Democrat elite. It's pathetic. Whitmer, like her fellow progressive cronies, is a poster child for (forbidden illness) hypocrisy.

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