BREAKING: Garland Favorito Says Georgia Officials Including Raffensperger Concealed Ballot Tampering from Judge

One of the lesser known names of people involved heavily in the election investigation process is Garland Favorito.

But make no mistake about it, his role in all of this has been a very important one for a number of reasons.

For those who may not be familiar with the name Garland Favorito, he is the co-founder of VoterGA, which is a non-partisan, non-profit, organization that is all about election integrity.

Members of the organization take no salaries, they pay no dues, nothing. As I said, they care about the integrity of the elections for the sake of our country and nothing else.

VoterGA has already won five court cases as the Democrats have been trying to stop their efforts to ensure election integrity.

Back in March, a judge ruled that teh group would be allowed to unseal the ballots in Georgia for inspection in order to look for invalid votes.

The following month, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger tried to put a stop to this, but the judge again ruled in favor of VoterGA.

At that time, Favorito accused Raffensperger of being involved in a massive cover-up, which is something that many of us have suspected as well.

But now, we're learning more about his involvement and that the corruption may run a lot deeper than we suspected. In a conversation with Jim Hoft, Favorito elaborated on this a bit.

Favorito said, “It sounds like they are admitting that they tampered with the ballots in violation of Georgia law.”

Jim Hoft: “So you might take action but you haven’t decided?”

Garland Favorito: “Well we haven’t decided what action should be taken… I would think that the judge would want to know that they concealed this activity from him, when they submitted their amicus brief in our case… That was around the middle of May.”

Jim Hoft: “They hid that from the judge that they tampered with some of the ballots after they were told not to. That sounds like a very big deal to me.”

Garland Favorito: ‘Yeah, I thought it was a very big deal.”

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