BREAKING! Election Ballot Audit Update Reveals DAMNING Proof of Foul Play

Ever since November, we have tried to keep you well-informed on all of the latest developments when it comes to anything regarding the election, court cases, or audits.

In particular, one location has come under the spotlight for actually investigating any fraud that occurred. This is Maricopa County, Arizona.

It should have taken place months ago and it would have if the Democrats wouldn't have fought it the whole time. But they've failed and the audit is underway.

They are being very thorough and looking at absolutely everything in regards to the ballots and the machines that were used. They are leaving no stone unturned.

Here's my take on this, if they complete this audit and they find that there was no foul play and that the numbers are true and accurate with legitimate ballots and voters, I'll accept that. There would be no real reason for me to not accept that if this is a real audit, which I believe that it is.

There is, however, a lot of fishy business that should not have happened and we're still learning more. One of the most recent discoveries is VERY serious though.

Dr. Kelli Ward, who is the Republican Chairwoman, said that the Maricopa County Director of Election Day and Emergency Voting, Scott Jarrett reported that external drives that were loaded with vote totals, were taken offsite to an undisclosed location nightly! And get this, it's reported that even a Dominion contractor may have been one of the people to have done this.

Why on earth are they moving these drives around? Why would they not be securely locked up at the facility? These security measures are absolute garbage. I've worked at a number of companies which had FAR BETTER security measures than this.

One company I worked for was a pharmaceutical company and there were multiple security measures. First of all, there were cameras everywhere. Secondly, you needed to scan a badge to get into certain locations and that was traceable so they could review who scanned into where.

Another thing they did was when it came to controlled substances, multiple people would have to be present with the product at all times and it had to be taken to a cage and locked up by certain other people who checked it in. So you transfer the possession to someone else and they lock it up. There is complete transparency and the ability to track everything. Why can't they do this as well with something as important as an election?

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