BREAKING: DOJ Hiding 400 Pages of Documents Showing Payoffs and Gifts to Jim and Hunter Biden from Ukraine and Russia

The founding fathers of the United States set up the system of checks and balances in order to protect democracy and prevent political corruption in the legal system. However, it seems that these efforts are currently being undermined by those who seek to transform the United States into a socialist, single-party state.

This has involved the infiltration of the FBI and Department of Justice by left-wing radicals, who are working to corrupt the judicial system in support of their agenda. If the founders were alive today, they would likely be concerned by the erosion of the values they sought to protect.

The corruption is rampant. President Trump attempted to warn the American people dozens upon dozens of times. His first order of business when he moved into the White House was to drain the swamp.

He made noble strides, but the deep state swamp pushed back with a vengeance. If President Trump could have rightfully secured a second term in office, he could have continued the swamp clean-up job. The corrupt D.C. elite couldn’t allow it to happen.

They had to rig the 2020 election. Democrats used a stooge as their candidate. Joe Biden would be easily manipulated. He’s a feckless old man, but still a D.C. insider. He was the crooked left’s perfect candidate.

But the left didn’t plan for Biden’s corrupt career as a politician to become public. Biden’s handlers didn’t plan for Joe’s buffoon of a son, Hunter Biden, to leave an incriminating laptop computer behind at a repair shop.

On that computer is enough information to sink the whole scheme. But since the powers that control the radical progressive left were in charge of the judicial process, the fix was in. All they needed to do was make sure the minions inside the DOJ and the FBI followed the plan.

The first part of the plan was to deny that the laptop and the information on it even existed. High-ranking former U.S. intelligence officials denounced it as “Russian propaganda.” It was not. All 51 intelligence officials lied. The laptop was real, and the information on it was damning.

The FBI had the laptop in its possession. They knew what was on it and the consequences of allowing the American people to know what was on it. Therefore, the FBI orchestrated the biggest political scandal since Watergate.

They colluded with the mainstream media and big tech to bury the story. It worked. The scheme worked long enough to get Joe Biden into the White House. The left now had full control over both houses of Congress and the Oval Office.

They could orchestrate investigations, namely by refusing to investigate the crooked Biden family business scams. However, this strategy began to leak like a boat with a screen door on the bottom. Eventually, even the mainstream media couldn’t deny that the laptop was real.

The FBI and DOJ had to rethink their scheme. Not only did everyone know the laptop was real, but some information was getting out about what was on it. If the American people saw the level of corruption, they’d be enraged.

The DOJ could no longer bury the laptop. They now had to hide the damning information it contained. Dedicated watchdog groups have not given up the fight. It’s now been revealed that the DOJ has in its possession over 400 pages of documents proving Biden family corruption.

At one point, the DOJ acknowledged “potentially relevant” documents existed. But according to a report by the Daily Mail, now the DOJ says it neither confirms nor denies the existence of such documents.

This is all-too convenient as Justice Department prosecutor David Weiss is currently considering a criminal case against Hunter Biden. The potential allegations include money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying, and tax crimes.

These 400 pages aren’t the only documents of interest. According to Business Insider, the National Archives and Records Administration is preparing to release hundreds of Obama White House internal documents.

These reportedly contain damning information about Hunter Biden’s relationship with controversial Ukrainian gas company Burisma when his father was vice president. The Biden administration is working feverishly to block the release of these documents.

A Republican-held House of Representatives must compel them to be handed over. The Justice Department is using a decades-old precedent from 1975. This involves records of a secret CIA salvage ship built to recover a Soviet Union submarine.

It’s called the “Glomar response.” It’s used by the DOJ to avoid releasing information that might compromise U.S. national security. But this is a bogus excuse in the investigation surrounding the crooked Biden family. It’s the opposite.

Not being forced by the Freedom of Information Act to produce these documents is a threat to national security. The Biden family is corrupt. Their business scams have compromised national security. Concealing this information is the threat, and they know it.

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