BREAKING: Coronavirus Was Deliberately Brought To The Country By Obama Holdover

Dr. William Walters, who was an Obama holdover, completely disregarded President Trump's orders by bringing coronavirus infected Americans back from Japan.

Walters is the Executive Director and Managing Director for Operational Medicine for the Bureau of Medical Services at the U.S. Department of State.

He not only ignored Trump's orders but bragged about it. The Democrats want to blame Trump for everything so go the extra mile to do so, even if it means affecting the people.

Reported from Frontpage Mag:

The best example of this was the decision to fly back infected American passengers from the Diamond Princess. This fateful decision helped spread the virus inside the United States.

President Trump had been told that nobody with the coronavirus would be flown to America.

The State Department decided to do it anyway without telling him and only made the announcement shortly after the planes landed in the United States.

According to the Washington Post, as unfriendly an outlet to the administration as there is, "Trump has since had several calls with top White House officials to say he should have been told, that it should have been his decision and that he did not agree with the decision that was made."

Who in the State Department actually made the decision? That’s a very good question.

Dr. William Walters is still on duty. In 2017, Walters was boasting of prepping more Ebola evacuations even over President Trump’s opposition to the practice. And he was once again at the wheel now.

“The question was simply this: Are these evacuees?” Walters explained the decision to evacuate coronavirus patients to the United States. “And do we follow our protocol? And the answer to that was yes on both accounts.”

Consulting President Trump was not part of the protocol even on a major national security issue.

In a Congressional briefing, Walters boasted that, “the Department executed the largest non-military evacuation of U.S. citizens in its history. The safe and efficient evacuation of 1,174 people from Wuhan, China and people onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan is a testament to the agility, proficiency, and dedication of our workforce to accomplishing our core mission – advancing the interests of the American people.”

And the triumph of the administrative state and its bureaucratic protocols over the President.

At a State Department briefing, Walters stated that, “The chief of mission, right, through the U.S. embassy, is ultimately the head of all executive branch activities.”

That is the problem. Right there.

It is absolutely disgusting what the Dems will do to push blame on someone because they don't like them. What's even crazier is they don't care to bring an epidemic to America.

Thankfully it isn't an absolutely horrible virus even though it has potential to kill people with very low immune systems or the elderly.

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