BREAKING: Biden Regime's DOJ Opens Investigation into President Trump

There have been rumors of yet another investigation into President Trump being launched by the Department of Justice. According to The Washington Post, the US Department of Justice has opened a "criminal probe of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results."

This news doesn't come as a huge surprise. Since its inception, the purpose of the January 6 panel has been to destroy the former president's reputation. Even if an investigation is unsuccessful, its coverage will be greatly exaggerated in the mainstream media.

They would have yet another witch hunt on their hands if the DOJ criminally investigated what transpired on January 6. The timing of any inquiry might be used to tarnish President Trump's reputation before he formally announces his candidacy for reelection in 2024.

That’s all the liberal left is trying to do. They’re afraid of him. But as these rumors hit the news cycle, whistleblowers are questioning the FBI’s integrity surrounding the Hunter Biden investigation. The public’s trust in America’s federal law enforcement is at an all-time low.

How can Attorney General Merrick Garland expect confidence in the DOJ’s investigation into a conservative former president when the investigation into Joe Biden’s son is being buried? It’s a peculiar double standard of justice. It’s the way the liberal left operates.

They launch bogus investigations into conservatives, and then sabotage investigations or turn a blind eye towards the criminal allegations of Democrats. Therefore, more than half the country no longer trusts the FBI. The FBI isn’t the only federal agency suffering from a lack of trust.

After the abysmal handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of the U.S. population no longer trusts the CDC or the FDA. That’s scary. But a total loss of confidence in the two most powerful arms of our federal law enforcement is most disturbing.

Americans disapprove of Joe Biden more than any other president in history. Trust in Congress is also gravitating near an all-time low. A dangerously growing majority of American citizens simply do not trust anyone on Capitol Hill.

Distrust breeds more distrust. When distrust festers in a democracy, that democracy is in grave danger. Someone must help to rebuild Americans’ trust in their government agencies. That could be President Trump. It might not be.

Liberals no longer care about being trusted. This is becoming increasingly obvious. They keep doing the same things, the trust of the American people be damned. We can no longer count on any Democrat to seek the truth. Truth is no longer part of the progressive liberal ideology.

But there are still patriotic conservatives who value trust and integrity. Many of them are running for congressional and senate seats in November. Americans must elect these types of people for our nation to have a chance. Whatever President Trump decides will be his decision.

However, he should caution against making that decision prior to a conservative majority reclaiming firm control of Capitol Hill. Anything otherwise could trigger a backlash. Conservatives, especially strong President Trump supporters, are battling a dangerous enemy.

The liberals want single-party control of the nation. The goal is to establish a socialist society in America. Any wrong decisions by conservatives along the way will only help them. With a conservative majority in Washington, D.C., there will be a chance.

There will be a chance that the corruption within the progressive left will finally face consequences. Will anything actually be done about it? Only time will tell. However, the alternative will trigger a slide into something Americans will regret.

By the time 2024’s Election Day rolls around, we may not recognize the country. If we fail to act now, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Americans can restore trust in our government by electing trustworthy candidates, be that President Trump or someone else. We must decide.

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