BREAKING! Audit of Voting Machines Used in November Election UNANIMOUSLY Approved in Northern State

Problems within our voting results or voting systems should be a concern to everyone, but usually, the party that is on the beneficial end of the outcome wants to remain silent about it.

That's never a good tactic because one day they're going to be on the receiving end of misfortune and no one will hear their cries for help and justice.

It seems painfully obvious to me that some sort of audit should be performed any time there is a question about the results of an election. It really is common sense if you ask me.

This is what happens with anything else in life. If something doesn't turn out right, you figure out why it didn't turn out right. If your internet isn't working at home, you figure out why. Common sense stuff, right?

After hand-counting the ballots in Windham, New Hampshire for the Rockingham District 7 House race, it was found that the Dominion-owned voting machines shorted every single Republican by 300 votes.

In New Hampshire, the AccuVote optical scanners used in all communities that have voting machines are an “older technology” and each moderator uses the device’s results tape, at the end of the night, to reveal the results, on a paper “Return of Votes” form. AccuVote devices have been used for more than a quarter of a century in the state and are the only devices approved by the Ballot Law Commission.

“The device was originally manufactured by Unisys, then by Global Elections Systems Inc., which are no longer in business,” Yen said. “The device used in New Hampshire is no longer being manufactured. Dominion (Voting Systems) owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote and its related election management system but does not manufacture the device.”

Thankfully, this didn't affect the outcome of the elections there, but this is still proof of a serious problem that we have.

Well, last week, the New Hampshire Senate approved 24-0 to have an audit conducted on the machines used in the voting.

According to Granite Grok,

The din behind the largest discrepancy regarding an election recount is growing… And We, the People are being heard. The “Windham Incident” has brought people together from all political ideologies… and it is amazing.

Last week, the Senate passed an amendment to Senate Bill SB43 that was championed by Senator Bob Giuda. The amendment replaced the entire text of SB43 with language that would FORCE the state to perform an audit on the Windham State Rep race on November 3, 2020.

It passed 24-0. Let that sink in! 24-0! That is quite a statement that reflects our desire to have accurate elections. The House will pick up the baton this week – and I’m hopeful that it flies through.

Hopefully, this will be a first step in one state to give reason to conduct audits in other states as well. If we don't get this election integrity problem fixed soon, we never will.

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