Brainwashed Actress Suffers from "Pfizer Smile" Weeks After Getting ‘Vaccine,’ Says She’d Do It Again

A virology lab in Communist China allowed a potentially lethal virus that was created by humans to escape. There is a suspicion that it may have been intentionally released. The entire world was turned on its head. COVID-19 caused devastation all over the world. And as a result there were millions of deaths.

The pandemic's severity, meanwhile, is nothing compared to the abuse committed during the biggest global health crisis in a century. Big pharmaceutical firms, international elitists, medical bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci, and the corrupt mainstream profited from the misery and suffering of the American people.

The pandemic was used by elected officials to impose harsh restrictions on the populace. It was astonishing how much misinformation and lies were employed to stifle individual liberties. Many individual liberties still need to be restored to this day.

They may never in many nations. The outbreak of a pandemic has taken the nation captive. Anyone who challenges unproven medical advice or pointless regulations is vilified. They are classified as either conspiracy nuts or extremists.

As more facts are revealed, most are being proven right. However, these individuals have been publicly harassed, banned from social media, fired from their jobs, or, in some instances, locked up in jail. Thousands of courageous people fought back.

Many continue to fight against pandemic fearmongering tactics used to control and manipulate. Nevertheless, far too many have given in. Society has been taken hostage by COVID propaganda. Millions seemed overwhelmed by a sort of “Stockholm syndrome.”

This is a psychological condition where the abused form an unnatural bond with their abusers. The Stockholm syndrome refers to events that occurred at a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden. The hostages, and bank employees, formed an emotional connection with the robbers.

That’s not natural. To sympathize with those who hurt us is unhealthy. But that’s something we’ve seen more and more of in relation to the pandemic. Millions chose to get vaccinated because they were pressured into believing it was their patriotic duty. It wasn’t.

Succumbing to a hastily tested medical procedure is a prime example of blind trust. Even after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, millions have gotten infected again. However, they’ll still proclaim that they made a good choice.

This blind acceptance of the vaccine propaganda completely disregards the increasing number of dangerous side effects being discovered. An actress from Canada is someone who was sucked in by the lies. Jennifer Gibson received multiple vaccines, including her boosters.

Within weeks of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, Gibson developed Bell’s palsy. She also suffered facial paralysis. But that’s not the biggest issue with what happened to Jennifer Gibson. What’s of concern is Gibson’s continuing support for vaccine propaganda.

Despite being physically harmed by this experimental medicine, Gibson still thinks “it’s what we have to do.” Is she serious? People should just blindly take suspiciously dangerous medicines because “it’s what we have to do?”

Thankfully, millions still don’t believe it’s something we have to do. For those who are experiencing adverse reactions to the vaccine, we hope there’s recourse. Gibson blindly believes her decision to get vaccinated was a good one.

She feels it was necessary to “get back to a normal life.” How can a life with an avoidable disease and a paralyzed face be normal? It’s not. Gibson drank the Kool-Aid. She bought the pandemic propaganda, a weapon used to fool the most vulnerable.

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