Border Crisis is Worse Than You Think! - Young Children Abandoned at Border Unable to Speak from Screaming Because of This...

The Biden administration has been trying to cover up and avoid the elephant in the room. I'm speaking of the crisis at the border that they are pretending doesn't exist.

His spin doctor, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been meaning to "circle back to that" I'm sure, but they still ignore the problem.

It has festered into a self-imposed humanitarian catastrophe. Young children are bearing the worst of Joe Biden's deplorable policy. At some juncture, this needs to be visited as a crime against humanity.

Joe Biden's boneheaded blunder has created a new business for drug cartels and other criminal elements south of the U.S. border. With the swoop of his executive pen, Biden has ignited one of the saddest situations at our great nation's border. It is appalling.

Rep. Kat Cammack joined Todd Starnes on Todd Starnes on Wednesday to discuss the horrors she witnessed at the Biden open southern border.

Cammack told Todd Starnes she saw “first-hand” young girls who had been gang-raped by human smugglers at the border.

She said spoke with one girl, “I spoke with a girl who came here from Guatemala and it took her 17 days to get here. And she was having trouble communicating, her voice was so hoarse. I asked the agent why and it was because she had lost her voice screaming because she had been gang-raped.”

These traffickers are mocking our nation, and especially the men and women we entrust with keeping our borders safe. The Biden administration shows no remorse. Worst of all, they are offering zero solutions for the catastrophe they created. They are condoning criminal activity.

The new business of the criminal element is trafficking minors. Many of these delicate children are being sexually abused. The abuse is also being randomly inflicted on women and people of color. Where are the woke voices in condemnation of what is a human tragedy?

The wave of humanity washing up on our southern border insists they are coming because they now believe they will not be turned away. Joe Biden has announced to the world that the United States is open for all, and there will be a basket full of free stuff when you get here.

It would be a wonderful world if the United States was able to change the situations of these poor people, those especially trying to flee the northern triangle countries. We cannot. The United States needs to clear the homeless from our own streets first.

Anyone watching two pieces of federal policy should see the truth. Radical progressives are pushing for a wide-open election process that will eventually even allow illegal aliens to cast a vote. Common sense points to where the majority of these millions of new votes will go.

Joe Biden's border policy is a hand-in-hand strategy to destroy the fabric of the United States. These two policies could collectively cement the Democrat Party into perpetual control. This will bring about one-party authoritarian rule.

If we allow this to happen, the next stop will be unbridled socialism. In between their unashamed pursuits, innocent people are suffering horribly. There must come a point when compassionate people insist that the "trafficker-in-chief" stand trial for crimes against humanity.

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