BOOYAH! Democrat Senator Admits Trump Was RIGHT!

On several occasions since President Trump left office, we have found out that many of the things that he warned about or actually true. Of course, we knew all along that he wasn't just blowing smoke in that there was actually some real substance to whatever claims he was making about particular people or groups.

But now what makes this even sweeter is that one Democrat lawmaker actually admitted that President Trump was right about something that he had been warning about for many years. At the time Democrats just blew it off because they didn't want to acknowledge the President Trump could possibly be right about anything. But he was.

Senator Mark Warner called an Australian audience earlier this week that President Trump was actually right whenever he warned about social media platform TikTok being used as a tool for spying by the Chinese Communist Party.

Warner, who heads the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, offered rare praise to Trump, whose 2020 bid to ban the app was blocked by a federal court. Trump then tried to force the CCP-controlled company ByteDance to relinquish its ability to access U.S. users’ data, but the Biden administration shelved that plan last year.

“This is not something you would normally hear me say, but Donald Trump was right on TikTok years ago,” Warner said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Warner, during a visit to fellow “Five Eyes” country Australia to meet with intel officials, political leaders, and business people, said the U.S. military bars service members from downloading TikTok’s app. Parents should be worried about the addictive platform being used by China to harvest data on their children, he said.

But you and I know that this wasn't the only thing that President Trump was right about. He warned us about what would happen to our economy under Joe Biden and he nailed it on the head.

He was right about gas prices going sky-high, he was right about inflation going high. He was right about all of it. I think we're all missing President Trump right now even Democrats although they won't admit that. But we all know that everyone was better off on their President Trump. Gas prices were lower, inflation was lower, and we weren't on the brink of World War III with Russia.

Daily Wire

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