"Booo! Joe You Suck!" Biden Gets Completely Embarrassed at Congressional Baseball Game

There was a loud round of boos for Joe Biden Wednesday night at the Congressional baseball game.

Biden was attending the annual Congressional baseball game, played this year at Nationals Park in Washington D.C., where the crowd booed when he was shown on the big screen. The senile old man waved and took a drink of water as people around him clapped politely while many booed.

The New York Post reported,

President Biden made an appearance at the Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday night, as he attempts to shore up support for a pair of multitrillion-dollar infrastructure bills that face an uncertain future on Capitol Hill — but was greeted by a chorus of boos from the Republican side of the stadium.

Biden, who postponed a planned Wednesday trip to Chicago to focus on getting both proposals over the finish line in the House, arrived at Nationals Park in the top of the second inning to a partisan reception.

The Democratic side of the stadium erupted in cheers of “Build Back Better,” but they were soon drowned out by boos from Republicans sitting in the first-base stands — with some shouting, “Joe sucks!”

Is any of this surprising? Nobody like Joe Biden, not even those who claim that they do.

People often want to save face more than anything else so if people know that they voted for Biden or that they're a Democrat, then they're going to want to try and preserve their image and not appear as though they made a huge screw up (which they did) by lying to themselves and others about just what they think about Joe Biden.

The overwhelming amount of boos that can be heard during the game from the crowd should tell you everything that you need to know about whether or not he legitimately won 81 million votes in the election.

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