BOOM! Senator Drops FACTS on Senate Floor Detailing COVID-Related Deaths (VIDEO)

With blind ambition, Joe Biden has recklessly manipulated the narrative surrounding how we must battle the deadly China virus. Biden’s medical minions have done nothing but puppet his desire to poke vaccination jabs in every American’s arm, regardless of their choice.

Most of his Draconian directives are unfounded scientifically, plus they are baffling constitutional scholars. But since early in his presidency, Biden has insisted that Americans who question the vaccines are bad people.

Now he insists these people are responsible for the deaths of their fellow Americans. Turns out, once again, Joe Biden is lying to the American public. Sure, certain people should weigh the risks and consequences of battling the China Virus unvaccinated.

But it’s their choice. In addition, no one on Biden’s crack medical staff wants to engage in a conversation about natural immunity. Well, one U.S. Senator is fighting back against the lies. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is dropping COVID truth bombs on the U.S. Senate floor.

The outspoken senator insists he is dedicated to telling the American people the truths, which the corrupt mainstream media refuses to tell them. Few prime news outlets will discuss the growing prevalence of breakthrough COVID cases.

Breakthrough cases are those people who get sick and even die with COVID, despite being vaccinated. The numbers should be getting the attention of our so-called scientific experiments. If they are, these experts are refusing to talk about it.

Ron Johnson is talking about it, and he’s sharing this critical information with his fellow senators. Johnson is especially frustrated at knowing big tech and social media are censoring the truth. The truth completely undermines the Joe Biden narrative, so they block it or take it down.

Biden wants to insist that the unvaccinated are solely responsible for the recent surge in COVID cases over the last few months. Johnson’s big board display of recent breakthrough numbers in the U.K. proves this to be a lie.

But left-wing journalistic hacks refuse to let Americans know it’s all not true. They are following the marching orders of the Democrat Party. Those orders are to entice Americans to do what they say, regardless of how they feel, or what questions they might have.

It’s not how a democracy works. It is, however, exactly how an authoritarian dictatorship operates. Do as ordered, or be subjected to public ridicule, loss of your job, and potential loss of your freedom. No papers, means no job, no travel and no privileges.

Senator Johnson went to display evidence showing that more than 60 percent of the COVID-related deaths in the last few months have been vaccinated people. This is not a surge caused by unvaccinated people. The vaccination may not be working as well as intended.

It’s a fact. Delta is another devious variant of a virus unleashed on the world by the Chinese Communist Party. No one wants to talk truth to COVID. Senator Ron Johnson has, is, and will continue to fight these manipulative COVID lies. Good job Senator.

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