BOOM! Peter Doocy Ruins Karine Jean-Pierre's Day Asking About Border Wall

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is a pretty decent reporter. He makes sure that he calls out the Biden regime often enough to give me a good chuckle.

I think that he could definitely be better, but maybe there is a reason why he doesn't push the envelope as far as he could. After all, Fox News really just wants to give the appearance of being conservative.

As you are most likely aware already, Joe Biden has reversed course and has decided to finish building portions of the border all between the U.S. and Mexico.

I can remember when Democrats were saying that doing this was racist, yet here they are doing very thing. I remember, and Peter Doocy remembers, too. That's why he called out the Biden regime on it during a press conference with Karine Jean-Pierre.

Peter Doocy: Why is the Biden administration building a border wall in Arizona?

Karine Jean-Pierre: So we are not finishing up the wall. We are cleaning up the mess the prior administration left behind in their failed attempt to build a wall. And I just want to be very, very clear here, on day one we returned the money, the $8 billion the prior administration took from our military, we gave that back to the military…

Peter: But President Biden when he was a candidate said there will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration. So what changed?

Karine: We’re not finishing the wall… We are cleaning up the mess. We are trying to save lives…

Peter Doocy: But is filling in the wall, is this racist?

Karine: A border wall is ineffective use of taxpayer dollars.

I guess that Biden realized that 3 million more illegal immigrants in our country is too many. There's no way that we can maintain that many people flooding in here.

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