BOOM! Michigan Attorney Has NEW Evidence of Ƒraud in 2020 Elections (VIDEO)

Michigan Attorney Stefanie Lambert dropped a massive bombshell this week on the status of the investigation into the election in Michigan.

This has to do with not only the ballots, but the machines that were used in the election as well.

Up until this moment, we've seen a lot of evidence of frɑud in the state of Michigan. This was a state that President Trump was easily winning big time. Then, like magic, Joe Biden jumped out to a big lead.

This happened in several states and all at around the same time...what a coincidence, right? Like I always say, too much coincidence is no coincidence.

Well, Lambert revealed that there was new evidence that pertained to the voting machines that were used. She said that there is evidence that the machines were actually breached DURING the election.

Lambert also stated that the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems "absolutely lied" during his testimony when he said that the machines were not connected to the internet.

On top of all of that, she tried to send an email to the White House following the election through Gmail, and Google actually wouldn't let it go through because it was titled, "2020 election frɑud" That's when she reached out to Sidney Powell and started working with them to get something done about this.

Take a look at this interview that Lambert did on Tuesday where she dropped this information.

As the dominoes continue to fall, we just have to trust the process and hope that at the end of all of this mess, there will be some serious changes made that will ensure the integrity of all elections going forward. As long as we keep fighting against the Democrats and their corruption, they won't entirely take over the country and my hope is that soon, we'll take back the House and the Senate, as well as the White House (hopefully with President Trump) and we'll finally make America great again.

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