BOOM! Judge Makes Critical Ruling in Absentee Ballot Voting Just Before Midterms!

A rising perception is that many of the deaths which resulted from COVID were unnecessary. Even if the deaths were heartbreaking, the abuse of authority during the worst health crisis in more than a century was morally repugnant.

Leftist politicians and power-hungry medical bureaucrats took advantage of the pandemic to seize control over people's lives. They made people do things they would have never done on their own accord. They insisted that the foundation of their laws and regulations was "science."

Radical politicians utilized scare tactics to convince people to consent to an unproven medical procedure. Power-hungry scientific bureaucrats proposed unjustified and counterproductive limitations on individual liberty.

The elites used COVID-19 as a weapon to seize control of the masses. However, the radicals within the Democrat Party saw another weapon to use in their efforts to hijack control of the United States. Since their policy ideas are failures, they needed another way to remain in power.

Manipulating elections has become the left’s new strategy. They use their cohorts in the corrupt mainstream media and big tech to control the information people receive. But there is still a risk that voters would cling to sensible American values when they head to the polls.

Democrats needed a scheme to cheat. Exploiting the narrative might not work. They had to manipulate the vote count. One trick was to entrust the security of U.S. elections to leftist-leaning tech companies.

Electronic voting machine tabulations could easily be altered using corrupt software. Evidence uncovered by dedicated election integrity groups showed that this happened in at least 16 states.

But there are other ways to ensure liberal candidates, despite their unpopularity, can win. Virtually every election expert cautions about how prone to fraud mail-in balloting can be. It’s pretty obvious.

If someone will steal a check out of a mailbox, what’s stopping them from snatching a ballot? In fact, there’s nothing stopping them, and nothing did. There’s also the problem of ballot harvesting, which is illegal in most states.

Voter integrity groups say that there were over four million illegal ballots as part of the Democrats’ harvesting scheme to steal the 2020 election. To make this scheme work, liberals had to push for open-ended policies for mail-in and absentee balloting.

With a so-called “raging pandemic,” they had their convenient excuse. Everyone should be mailed a ballot, dead or not, and so it was. But the overuse and blatant abuse of absentee balloting is unconstitutional.

Most courts ruled in favor of temporary ballot changes under the circumstances presented by the pandemic. But the pandemic is over. At least that’s what Joe Biden says. While there are COVID-19 cases still popping up around the country, serious risk is all but gone.

So, why would Democrats need to continue their push for widespread absentee voting, despite the risk of fraud? That’s the whole point. They want our elections open to fraud because that’s the only way they can win.

However, one New York judge says enough. The judge ruled that continuing the use of excessive absentee balloting relying on the pandemic excuse is unconstitutional. Saratoga County Supreme Court Justice Dianne Freestone issued a 28-page ruling.

The order included a mandate that local boards of elections discontinue counting illegal absentee ballots they’ve already received. Her ruling chastised New York’s Democrat-controlled legislature.

Judge Freestone believes that Democrats are using “an Orwellian perpetual state of health emergency, cloaked in the veneer of voter enfranchisement.” In short, liberals want an open window of opportunity to cheat. Out of control, mail-in voting is one way to manipulate elections.

Democrats have to try onto clutch to every crooked scheme they can. They cannot win elections otherwise. Americans see firsthand what their policies do. The liberal plan for America is to destroy it. Thankfully, it appears Americans are waking up and putting an end to it.

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