BOOM! Governor DeSantis Takes MASSIVE Action Against Social Media Giants

The tech giants are completely out of control. They have way too much power to silence whoever they please with no repercussions whatsoever.

Congress hasn't been silent on dealing with them, but all of it has just been pomp and circumstance it seems because while they chide the CEOs of the companies, they never actually do anything to them, not even a slap on the wrist.

This tactic is exactly what Communist nations do. Congress refused to take action against them and instead lets them continue silencing Americans because they know that right now, it helps further their agenda.

Finally, someone at a more local level is taking action to protect the people of his state since the federal government won't do anything.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed a measure to limit what Big Tech can do as far as privacy and censorship goes. This includes a $100,000 DAILY fine for violations as well.

DeSantis proposed measures to enhance user rights as well, including allowing individuals and the Florida attorney general to sue companies over violations of individual protections, as well as requiring companies to provide full disclosures of actions taken against individuals for violating policies.

The Florida governor took issue with several recent – and controversial – content moderation policies that have been taken up by the largest social media players. For example, he said social media users who chose to follow President Donald Trump were unable to do so after his accounts were locked on Facebook and Twitter following the role his inflammatory rhetoric allegedly played in inciting the deadly riots on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

He targeted Amazon as well after they have recently removed Parler from their hosting servers. "You don’t like Parler? Then don’t read it," DeSantis said. "Let’s not have those choices made for us, or before long we will have nothing more than someone else’s choices imposed upon us by a bunch of monopolies whose core business is to sell advertising."

Now, we need many other governors to take up similar action against Big Tech and let's get something done about this mess once and for all!

Fox News

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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