BOOM! Full Forensic Audit of Voting Equipment Issued In Controversial State

Finally! It's been a long time coming, but perhaps we're finally getting closer to revealing the truth about what happened during the election.

I ish this would have happened a lot sooner, but we all know why. We know that they couldn't allow the truth to come out before Biden was inaugurated.

Finally, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors decided to approve a full-blown forensic audit of the election equipment.

“Maricopa County elections were administered with integrity throughout 2020. That’s a fact. Multiple audits to date have proved as much, and multiple court rulings have concurred,” said Jack Sellers, who chairs the Board of Supervisors. “It’s also true that a significant number of voters want the additional assurance that a full forensic audit of tabulation equipment might bring, especially given all the misinformation that spread following the November 3 election. This audit shows our commitment to providing that assurance.”

Maricopa County released a statement about the audit and even said that this was a unanimous decision.

Vice Chairman Bill Gates added: “We’re doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. The audit will be conducted in a way that safeguards private voter information and protects the investment made by county taxpayers in the tabulation equipment. My hope is that the audit results will ensure the residents of Maricopa County have the same confidence in our elections system that we have.”

Now, it's taken a few weeks for them to get this permission so who knows if they've been tampered with. Hopefully, they'll do a thorough enough audit to see if something has been tampered with.

Even if the hard drives have been replaced, there should be evidence of this. But then the issue would likely become what happened to them and then they wouldn't be to find them, so then there's no evidence to pin any crime on anyone.

I find it sad though, that of all of the states in the U.S., only one country is doing this audit.

Hopefully, they'll find something and that will start a chain reaction for the rest of the country to wake up and do something about having these piece of junk, fraudulent machines being used to allow the upper echelon to decide who will run the country.

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