BOOM! Fake News Admits Trump Collusion Hoax Was A Big Fat Lie

Imagine playing some sort of sport where the actual rules of the game allowed for an unfair advantage for one team over another.

Perhaps one teams gets to start playing soon, or maybe they have more players. Maybe there are traitors on one team and not the other. Regardless, there would be one set of rules for one team, and a completely different set for the other.

Kind of like playing in a card game with the deck stacked against you. History will continue to reveal this as the biggest story surrounding the 45th presidential administration of the United States of America. The Deck was stacked against President Trump.

It's almost as if the man never had a chance. Amazingly, the Trump administration overcame an incessant barrage of misquotes, suspicious unnamed sources, and flat out lies. Then, there was the dossier paid for by his 2012 opponent for the White House.

A bogus report about a pee pee scandal was one part of an underhanded attempt to derail the Donald Trump presidential campaign before he could even have a chance at the ballot. The assault never stopped, even after Americans elected him the 45th President.

The whole Steele dossier has gradually been proven completely false. It was a bogus lie that ignited a witch hunt referred to as the Mueller investigation. This whole charade ran roughshod over Donald Trump's presidency.

Even after the Mueller investigation finally concluded that there was never any there, there, half-baked attempts to impeach President Trump continued. The radical Democrat Party hated the ideas and America First focus of his administration so much; they resorted to lie after lie to try to unravel every successful policy.

There has ever been a stronger case for treason than the one that could be leveled against liberal rags like the Washington Post and New York Times. These two massive new sources worked hand-in-hand with the deep state to destroy a man, his family, and his efforts to Make America Great Again.

People should be in jail. The problem is, the new Biden administration is little more than a puppet for these same deep state radicals. The destruction of America is their aim. This is not a battle for the sovereignty of our nation; it is an all-out war against political control through corruption.

There are dozens of people who should be facing criminal charges. One of those is a former Democrat candidate for the presidency. Many are law enforcement officials entrusted with upholding our rule of law.

With a longtime practitioner of the deep state voodoo now in the White House, we're not expecting any sudden miracles. But remember, our 45th President was a fighter and still is. A couple of strategically filed lawsuits against published lies might be an excellent start.

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