BOOM! Elon Musk Fires Back at Whiny Senator Complaining About Parody Account

Elon Musk has been pushing for the Twitter Blue membership service so that paying users can unlock the verified badge. It is hoped that Twitter would be able to become less reliant on advertisements and less susceptible to pressure from advertisers if it can fund itself through the use of this membership service. This area has the potential to become an autonomous town square for everyone's opinions.

However, this straightforward concept has managed to irritate a significant number of people on the left, who now appear to detest the idea that regular people may also have a blue check mark. The way it works currently is that you have to click on the blue check mark in order to determine if it was there because of Twitter Blue or because it was a "notable" individual with a blue check.

There is a little bit more work involved, and due to the fact that it is brand new, there is some confusion.

As of right now, Musk has suspended the application process for the brand-new Twitter Blue program while it is being improved.

However, Senator Ed Markey (Democrat of Massachusetts) went absolutely bonkers about it, claiming that someone had impersonated him.

Markey wrote, “A @washingtonpost reporter was able to create a verified account impersonating me—I’m asking for answers from @elonmusk who is putting profits over people and his debt over stopping disinformation. Twitter must explain how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again.”

He insisted on receiving responses by "November 25, 2002" even though that was 20 years ago!

Markey received a hysterical reaction from Musk, which read as follows: "Replying to @SenMarkey and @washingtonpost Perhaps it is because your real account sounds like a parody?"

In addition to that, he asked as to the meaning behind Markey's profile photo, which featured him donning a mask.

Sen. Bernie Sanders participated in the lighthearted banter by tweeting, "Replying to @elonmusk @SenMarkey and @washingtonpost. Probably not a great idea to troll a high ranking Senator with a history of taking down rich people who just so happens to sit on multiple committees which regulate your businesses the day after his party retakes the Chamber.”

In response, Musk asked, "Are you suggesting that the Senator will use his political power to attack me?"

Well done, sir. Well done!

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