BOOM! Biden's Partner in Crime Charged with High Treason

The evidence linking the shady Biden family to corruption is mounting. Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" reveals more and more criminality with each subsequent revelation. Much of the discussion centers on ominously rich business deals with the Chinese Communist Party.

Foreign policy manipulation for personal advantage by the Bidens, on the other hand, is significantly more widespread. Joe Biden and his son utilized underhanded and deceptive methods to falsely pad their bank accounts in Ukraine as well.

But recent developments in Ukraine may help to uncover yet another Biden scandal. Keep in mind that this all happened before Russia invaded Ukraine. Things become even more suspicious after absorbing what is happening to former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

There is a pending investigation into the former head of state for high treason. While he denies he did anything wrong, Poroshenko’s assets have all been frozen by a Ukrainian court. The Prosecutor General’s office issued a statement back in January.

The statement read, “The court decided to seize the suspect’s property, which belongs to him on the right of ownership.” Poroshenko allegedly helped to facilitate the activities of separatists who were fighting against the Ukrainian government.

This fighting started in April 2014 and has since cost thousands of Ukrainians their lives. It was during this period of internal turmoil that Barack Obama sent Joe Biden as the “point man” to address corruption in the country. Talk about sending a fox to watch over the henhouse.

Most conservatives remember the radical left screaming for the impeachment of President Trump over a call to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. While the transcript refuted every single thing these nutcases were alleging, it didn’t stop them from trying.

The truth of the story is that President Trump never threatened to withhold military funds for political favors. Zelenskyy confirmed the idea as a bogus lie. But Joe Biden did threaten Ukraine with what the liberals accused President Trump of doing.

Biden told Zelenskyy’s predecessor, Poroshenko, that if he did not fire a Ukrainian prosecutor, the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in critical aid. Now, who was this supposedly corrupt prosecutor?

It turns out there was little to no evidence that Viktor Shokin did anything wrong. But Shokin was conducting one particularly hot investigation into the Biden family. Shokin was investigating Hunter Biden’s firm, Burisma Holdings.

The prosecutor was about to subpoena Hunter. The investigation was inching closer to charging then Vice-President Biden’s son with corruption. How convenient that he was fired. Biden was so brazen, he bragged about it to members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

There is the audio from another phone call between Biden and Poroshenko. Poroshenko informed Biden that, through his urging not Biden’s, Shokin resigned. Some believe he may have been threatened into stepping down, but apparently Joe Biden had nothing to do with it.

Others insist that Zelenskyy is just doing things to hurt Poroshenko, his direct political rival. Volodymyr Ariev is a member of Poroshenko’s political party. He’s part of the Ukrainian government.

Ariev says Zelenskyy is no stranger to corruption. He insists that the current Ukrainian President is a weak leader who “uses manual prosecution, manual investigation, and manual justice to punish opponents.”

But why would Zelenskyy need to punish a political rival who he defeated in the most recent election? It appears someone knows more than what they’re telling. How much does Poroshenko have on Joe Biden?

What does he know about a cozy relationship between Biden’s son and other Ukrainian government officials? How deeply is Biden’s odd commitment to defend Ukraine tied to what Ukrainian officials may know about his crooked son’s business dealings? We smell a rat.

There’s a hope that individuals facing long prison sentences might turn on the crooked Biden family. This could trigger a chain reaction that rocks the White House. It would be poetic justice to see Joe Biden charged with the same crime his Ukrainian partner is facing, high treason.

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