Boneheaded Biden's Recent Statement Comes Back to Bite Him in the Butt

Have you ever made a comment that you later regretted because you hadn't thought it through beforehand? This can happen to anyone, but it seems to be especially common among politicians. This may be because politicians sometimes attack members of opposing parties out of anger or frustration, and end up making statements that they later regret.

These statements often have negative consequences and can be difficult for people to forget. It's particularly common for politicians on the progressive left to make these kinds of comments, and they are often protected by the mainstream media.

However, the damage from these types of statements can't be undone, and it can be a challenge for the public to navigate the impact of these verbal attacks, false claims, and exaggerated stories.

Too many voters seem to ignore the reality of an all-too prevalent character flaw inherent in our politicians. They speak before they think. But instead of being held accountable, many Americans suffer from short-term memory loss.

We vote for them again and again. Joe Biden is the epitome of “ill-advised” or outright outlandish statements. He mastered the art of B.S. early on in his political career. Biden is a walking, talking, stupid statement machine. He’s a blundering fool.

As a perfect example, when, early in the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump tried to save American lives by ordering travel restrictions on China, Biden called him xenophobic. By all accounts, this was the country where a potentially deadly virus originated.

In hindsight, U.S. officials should have slammed the door on Chinese people entering the country long before President Trump issued his policy. There wasn’t anything xenophobic about the policy. President Trump’s decision was made for one reason: to save American lives.

No one knows exactly how many people he spared the horrible deaths caused by this deadly virus, which China unleashed upon the world. Fast-forward to 2022, nearly three years to the day since this deadly coronavirus leaked out of a virology lab in Wuhan, China.

Ironic or not, China is experiencing yet another wave of infections. Despite Draconian measures to lockdown huge portions of their society, the Chinese Communist Party has failed to contain the virus it started.

Clearly, China’s so-called “zero COVID” policies have failed and failed miserably. Some estimates say that 250 million Chinese caught the virus when the zero COVID restrictions were lifted. The number of Chinese people currently infected with COVID-19 is disturbing.

It should be. Likewise, U.S. officials must weigh the consequences of allowing potentially infected people to travel freely in and out of our country. People traveling from China should face strict restrictions when entering the United States.

After witnessing what happened in the winter of 2020, any decision otherwise would be outrageous. So, for once in his two-year presidency, Joe Biden made a smart choice. He, or someone with more of a brain than he displays, decided to restrict travel from China.

We admit that this is a wise decision, regardless of who made it. There’s a strong indication that this policy should extend to other nations such as India as well. But there’s one big difference between today and January 2020, when President Trump handed down the exact same decree.

The corrupt mainstream media is hailing Biden’s travel restrictions as a “smart decision.” What these liberal kowtowing clowns fail to mention is that Biden called the same decision xenophobic three years ago. Talk about a comment coming back to “bite you in the a**.”

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