BOMBSHELL! Voting Machines in Windham PROVEN Unreliable After Being Tested in Audit

Perhaps I'm being a little too optimistic a little too early, but it really does look like the ball has finally started to roll ever so slightly.

What we have now is some of the most potentially game-changing news about the election from November.

We have 100% proof that the machines that were used in the elections in Windham, New Hampshire are absolutely not reliable after a recent audit.

The audit was initiated after it was discovered that every Republican in the elections in Windham was shorted by approximately 300 votes. This was only discovered after performing a hand count. Additionally, many Democrats were found to have received extra votes that they never actually received.

What they noticed was what is now being called "fold in ballots" where it appears that folded ballots are being counted differently.

So what happened over the weekend is that the auditors in Windham conducted a test to see what would happen.

Three auditors filled our 75 folded ballots and 75 flat ballots and ran the ballots through two different machines. All three oft he people voted straight R (Republican) for the House race, two voted straight R for the other races, and one person voted straight D (Democrat) for the other races.

At the end, the results showed a large enough discrepancy to deem the machines not trustworthy.

Out of the 75 folded ballots for straight R, only 48 of them were recorded. On top of that, the folds generated an overcounting of ballots as well.

Take a look at this one. The Windham auditors tweeted,

"We now have experimental confirmation that if the contest is undervoted, a fold through a vote target can create a vote. None of the 65 ballots was marked for St. Laurent, but the machines interpreted 25 of the folds as votes for her. #NHPolitics"

If you ask me, if this could happen in one city, it could have happened all across the country.

There needs to be a nationwide audit performed and we need to KNOW that our elections are secure, not "trust" that they are. Aren't Democrats the party of science and evidence? SHOW US!

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