BOMBSHELL Testimony Exposes Over 137,000 Illegal Trafficked Ballots (VIDEO)

Joe Biden was not elected president of the United States in 2020. First and foremost, let's get it out of the way. Despite this, skeptics continue to demand real evidence to back up their claims. Conservative forces have been working hard for the past year to produce these data.

In Wisconsin, one such shocking report just appeared. Let's start by laying the foundation for why this latest revelation is so important. Wisconsin has a total of ten electoral votes. The "Badger State," along with Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, would have a significant impact on the election's outcome.

Wisconsin, like every other state, has supplied enough evidence of blatant voter fraud to swing the election. Let's focus on what's been discovered in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, Joe Biden is said to have won 13 counties.

However, despite the minimal overall picture of the state, Biden’s final vote count was enough to steal the 10 electoral votes. Looking at a Wisconsin county map points to the first oddity. There was a scattering of five or six internal counties.

But Biden’s votes came from three to the north and three in the southernmost part of the state. An overwhelming number of counties recorded a President Trump victory by 10 percentage points or higher.

Now for the first peculiarity. Those counties Biden supposedly won have election commissions dominated by liberals. The oversight was poor at best, with most indications pointing to it being corrupted.

One huge question surrounds the number of trafficked or illegal ballots. Liberals try to downplay the importance of this illegal activity. However, recently Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips testified before the Campaigns and Elections Committee in Wisconsin.

These two have been ardently pursuing voter fraud during the 2020 election. They are from True the Vote. Engelbrecht and Phillips’ testimony dropped a bomb on Joe Biden’s self-proclaimed victory. He didn’t win.

The two told the Wisconsin Assembly that their investigation revealed massive ballot trafficking at ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin. They believe the actual number of fraudulent ballots to exceed seven percent.

These numbers translate into over 130,000 votes. Biden stole Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes by a 20,000 vote margin. He did not win Wisconsin. If anyone wants to debate an “illegitimate president”, Joe Biden is the poster child.

Phillips went on to insist that True Vote has uncovered similar situations in every battleground state. Of course, these are the states that Joe Biden had to secure to steal the election. Again, Joe Biden and the liberal machine cheated.

Phillips and Engelbrecht’s testimony was under oath. The consequences of lying are harsh. They are not lying. Joe Biden used various tactics to cheat. With COVID as a backdrop, the door to fraudulent activities, such as vote ballot trafficking, was flung wide open.

The Democrats seized on the opportunity to cheat the system. There is no other fathomable way a popular president could lose an election to an old man who campaigned from his basement. Joe Biden cheated, period. Now, is anyone going to do anything about it?

Patriotic Americans like Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips are at least trying. Others can do their part as well. Next November, our country will be able to tell Joe Biden and his fellow liberals what we think about cheaters. We need to be unmistakably emphatic.

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