BOMBSHELL! “Secret Partner Portal” Used by Government to Censor Dissenting COVID Viewpoints on Twitter

The announcement that a wealthy entrepreneur wanted to purchase a major social media platform caused a panic among the radical left. Of course, I'm talking about Elon Musk and Twitter. When Elon Musk expressed interest in buying Twitter, it sparked a range of reactions from mainstream media and progressive politicians.

This response seemed strange, as those who value free speech appeared to have a strong negative reaction to a free speech advocate potentially owning a platform often seen as an online public forum. The media and progressive pundits then began criticizing Musk in a way that seemed unreasonable.

After Musk took over as the head of Twitter, it became clearer why liberal progressives, especially those in high-level government positions, reacted so strongly.

There were “skeletons in those Twitter closets,” so to speak. With a new sheriff in town, anyone who had anything to hide concerning the perceived or actual suppression of free speech would be on the hot seat. That seat has become scorching.

The initial “skeletons” involved how big tech colluded with governmental officials to censor critical stories ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Essentially, Twitter, in league with the federal government, put their thumb on the election. It was rigged.

But as Musk’s worker bees burrow deeper in that “closet of Twitter skeletons,” more startling revelations are uncovered. Many aren’t the least surprised. However, that doesn’t make what’s being discovered any less serious.

American First Legal (AFL) is a nonprofit organization that battles government corruption, among other patriotic causes. The AFL recently released a trove of documents obtained from litigation against the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The lawsuit alleges that the CDC colluded with big tech companies, especially Twitter, to censor the public conversation about COVID-19. Twitter set up a “secret portal” for government officials and other “stakeholders.”

It was called the “Partner Support Portal.” This secret channel allowed hidden interaction between Twitter and government officials. By design, the government was able to control the conversation about the pandemic.

The CDC could label anything that contradicted its tyrannical mandates and lockdowns as “misinformation.” As part of this agreement, the CDC, and other government officials could request blocks, bans, and outright account suspensions.

This is beyond unbelievable. The way Twitter and other social media platforms colluded with secret government officials is criminal. It may be the most egregious violation of the First Amendment in U.S. history.

Other documents showed that Facebook had also applied a similar strategy to censor speech that discussed the possibility of rigged elections. The government and big tech used social media tools to subdue and control society.

According to the AFL, “This production also reveals that the U.S. government was actively working to socially inoculate, or brainwashing, the public against anything that threatened its narrative.” This is “big brother” using mind control and censorship to manipulate Americans.

The scheme used multiple options for users to suggest “misinformation.” However, this wasn’t a plan to combat actual untruths. This was a scheme to control public conversation. The notion of it should astonish any American. We’re just surprised it took so long for the scam to be exposed.

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