BOMBSHELL! MASSIVE Election Corruption Discovered in Multiple States, Hidden from the Public

One man who has been vitally instrumental in the investigations into the election results, not only in Michigan, but in several states, has been Constitutional attorney Matt DePerno.

You've seen him sprinkled into our articles here and there and it's because he is a wealth of information.

Recently, he was once again interviewed by Steve Bannon on his show The War Room and drop some bombshells on some recent developments.

"We found in our investigation in Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona, in all of them, we have found anonymous user remote access logons that had elevated privileges in the election management system. Which means anyone who does that through a remote logon with elevated privileges can access the actual database and change results. So that's pretty significant that we've found that in three states now. It is a pattern and it is significant."

DePerno went on to tell of even more corruption that they discovered over the weekend.

He said, "There was a security breach of the voter registration servers in Arizona on November 3rd that the Secretary of State has known about and has hidden it. They have not revealed it to the American people. Maricopa County has also known about it."

This is a big deal. And while it alone doesn't prove frɑud occurred, it is enough to prove the election wasn't "the most secure election in history" as the Democrats want to claim.

This election was the most absurd and ridiculous election that I've seen in my entire life. The proof is everywhere, and it is a shame that more people haven't stepped up in our own government to do something about it. I think that it is a disgrace that the Supreme Court wouldn't even give the lawsuits regarding the election the time of day and just dismissed them.

This is a long battle that we're fighting and I'm hopeful that in the end, we'll be a better and safer country for all of the effort that has gone into exposing this frɑud.

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