BOMBSHELL Discovery in Georgia Election Investigation

In regards to the massive accusations of election fraud in Georgia, Fulton County has been at the heart of the controversy.

If you're familiar with Georgia and Fulton Country, then you probably have a good idea why. But they're not the only county in Georgia that is having major issues.

DeKalb County, which is another metro Atlanta county that is east of Atlanta has been under scrutiny as well and there has been some explosive evidence come to light recently.

Approximately 44,000 absentee ballots were found to have violated the chain of custody rule.

According to the Georgia Star,

43,907 of the 61,731 absentee ballots deposited in drop boxes in the November 2020 presidential election in DeKalb County, Georgia–72 percent–were counted in official tallies certified by the county and the state, despite violating chain of custody requirements set forward in Georgia Emergency Rule 183-1-14-1.8-.14 promulgated by the Georgia State Election Board at its July 1, 2020, meeting.

That rule states absentee ballots placed in drop boxes, “shall be immediately transported to the county registrar” by the two person collection team, which is required to sign a ballot transfer form indicating the number of ballots picked up, the time the ballots were picked up, and the location of the drop box, and that, “The county registrar or a designee thereof shall sign the ballot transfer form upon receipt of the ballots from the collection team.”

This is no small matter. Chain of custody matters immensely. Without that chain of custody, you cannot prove that they were not tampered with. I say this with a deep knowledge of working with narcotics in the past.

When dealing with controlled substances, if there is a break in chain of custody, there is going to be an investigation and the FDA would likely get involved as well.

While this isn't pertaining to drugs, it's no less important because we're talking about the person who is to be elected to run the greatest country in the world. These votes should be invalidated entirely if there is no direct chain of custody found.

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