BOMBSHELL! Alleged Epstein Victim Claims to Have Copies of Blackmail Tapes He Made of Associates

Blackmail is a deceptive and manipulative tactic that can have serious consequences. Sometimes, those being blackmailed decide to fight back and turn the tables on the blackmailer. This can be particularly effective if the "blackmailee" has a lot at stake beyond just money. When the "blackmailer" is eliminated, the reputation of the person or people being blackmailed will be protected, and the financial demands will stop.

While this may be a convenient resolution for the blackmailed, that's not not the case for the blackmailer. This potential outcome should give blackmailers pause, especially when they threaten to expose secrets in exchange for payment. If those secrets have the power to do significant harm, the blackmailer may get more than they had bargained for.

One such person may have possessed “the goods” on some of the world’s most flamboyantly elite people. Jeffrey Epstein “was” the millionaire socialite who orchestrated an underage sex scam. He reportedly had some rather famous and important people in his “little black book.”

When Epstein was busted for his crimes, these people had to become extremely nervous. Could this man provide evidence of criminal activity? At the least, could Jeffrey Epstein expose certain world dignitaries and crumble their “house of cards?”

Epstein could have easily cut a deal with prosecutors to “drop dime” on many very important people. From his little Metropolitan Correctional Center jail cell, did he concoct a scheme where he could scam his “associates” out of a few million bucks to keep quiet?

What might be equally plausible would be for one of his victims to have such evidence and use it out of revenge. Sarah Ransome, one of many Epstein victims, says she has copies of blackmail tapes that Epstein kept of his “associates.”

In an email, Ransome claims, “When my friend had sexual intercourse with [redacted] and [redacted], sex tapes were, in fact, filmed on each occasion by Jeffrey.” Ransome says she has backup copies of the videos on USB sticks.

She said that the copies are hidden at various locations throughout Europe. Ransome claims, “I will be more than willing to swear under oath and testify in court over these sex tapes.” We bet certain law enforcement officials would like to get their paws on these videotapes.

But likewise, it would seem even more urgent for the individuals “on these tapes” to get their hands on them. However, the possibility of these tapes ever reaching the public would be far less if Mr. Epstein suddenly met his untimely demise. That’s precisely what happened.

Jeffrey Epstein was found swinging by his neck, locked inside his jail cell. Was it suicide or a convenient murder? No one really knows for certain, but the circumstances and suddenness of it make Epstein’s death smell very fishy. Many insist that Epstein would never kill himself.

Furthermore, these people believe 100 percent that someone had him killed. Blackmail is a dirty game. Often, it ends very badly for the blackmailer. Was Epstein going to “drop dime?” Did he let certain people know about the tapes, bringing about his own untimely demise?

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