Bodycam Footage Released Of Tulsa Officers Who Were Shot During Traffic Stop One Officer Did Not Make It

Authorities have released body camera video of a traffic stop the resulted in one Tulsa police officer being fatally shot and another critically injured in June.

Sgt. Craig and officer Auraush Zarkeshan made a traffic stop and pulled over David Ware for making a dangerous turn around 3:30 a.m. on June 29th.

The two officers gave him over 40 commands to get out of the vehicle and David did not comply, the officer then had to use force to get David out of the car. Sgt. Craig deployed his taser and tased David when that did not work he pepper-sprayed him and tried pulling him out with force. When David was finally out of the car fighting with officers he pulled a gun and shot both of the officers killing Sgt. Craig and critically wounding officer Auraush Zarkeshan.

The video is very difficult to watch so VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

According to TheRightScoop

At the end of June two Tulsa police officers were shot by some deadbeat who they were trying to forcibly remove from a vehicle which had expired tags and no insurance. They had tased him and sprayed him with mace several times while trying to get him out of the vehicle. As the perp screamed and fought with officers, he managed to pull out a gun and shot both officers. Officer Aurash Zarkeshan is still recovering, but unfortunately Sergeant Craig Johnson didn’t survive his wounds. Below is the bodycam footage which shows the entire interaction, including the shooting at the end which is hard to watch. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

When I say it’s hard to watch, I’m not kidding. Hearing Officer Johnson scream as he’s shot was not a sound for which I was prepared.

May Sergeant Johnson rest in peace and may the family he left behind continue to find comfort. And we wish Officer Zarkeshan a speedy recovery.


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