Body Language Experts Share How to Know When Politicians are Lying

I have a certain type of personality where I am one who is relatively good at whatever I do. I'm sort of a Jack of all trades. Not only am I good at what I do, but I have a desire to be good at everything.

When I say that I want to be good at everything, I don't just mean that I want to be good at everything that I do, I literally mean that I want to be good at everything. If something intrigues me, I want to be good at it. It's not enough just for me to understand it or know how to do it, but I want to excel at it.

One of these things is reading body language. I'm not really sure what got me interested in reading people's body language. I do know that it coincided with the time when the TV show "Lie to Me" was released back in 2009. I took courses on learning to read body language, read books on the topic, and continually practiced everywhere I went. That was one good thing about that could literally practice it just about everywhere that you went.

Recently, some body language experts shared their tips on how we can spot when a politician is lying. The joke is that any time that their mouth is open, they're lying. I'd say that's pretty close. But here is what some of the experts said.

When someone tries to deceive, he or she unconsciously reveals a burst of behaviors associated with lying, said Constantine and two other top truth-detectors.

And that “cluster” of what experts call “hotspots” or “tells” will stray from the person’s usual way of acting or speaking.

“We have a general way that we behave—that’s our baseline,” said Traci Brown, author of “How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft.”

To spot untruthfulness in a politician or suspect under investigation, Brown looks for 2-5 deception-linked clues “off their baseline” in the span of about one sentence. Constantine coaches her clients to look for at least three signs in seven seconds.

Clue clusters happen fast, and they indicate anxiety. Anxiety accompanies deception, experts agreed. It’s the body’s response when untruthfulness is being formulated in the brain.

Some key instances are Bill Clinton when he tried to distance himself from Monica Lewinsky by calling her, "that woman".

You can tell Kamala Harris is lying when she holds a forced smile or laughs off what someone else says. This is called, "duping delight".

“When a person says something, and then they feel like they duped you, sometimes will see a smirk come out, or a smile,” or ill-timed, awkward laughter.

“She does that,” Constantine said. “And she over-faces,” which means holding an expression, such as a smile or frown, for too long.

Genuine expressions are fleeting, leaving “your face in microseconds,” Constantine said. “So when you hold it, whether it’s a smile or a frown, or it’s an exaggerated expression, those are over-expressions. Those are ones that are contrived. Those are the ones that are forced.”

And that’s a dishonesty alert, she said.

Biden stutters. That's how you can tell that he's lying according to the experts. Also, he tends to blink a lot when lying as it's a sign of high anxiety.

There is much more that the experts point to that you can read here.

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