Blogger Finds Weird Evidence Indicating Brian Laundrie is Still Alive

The New York Post reports another interesting twist has surfaced surrounding the Gabby Petito murder. A professional internet sleuth discovered something she termed as “weird”. This weird new twist was uncovered by Shaynah Dodge, while scouring Brian Laundrie’s Pinterest account.

The Minnesota blogger has been following every stage of the Petito case intensely. Dodge shared the recent revelation she found with her 77,000 followers. According to Dodge’s investigation, Brian Laundrie now follows 146 people on Pinterest.

Dodge pointed especially to one new Pinterest account added just over three weeks ago. She believes her discovery clearly indicates that Laundrie is very much alive. However, where the suspected murderer is hiding is still anyone’s guess.

What caught Dodge’s eye was this 146th account that Laundrie now follows. From a steady 145 Pinterest accounts, Laundrie suddenly began following a new person. Dodge thinks this is extremely strange and not simply some automatically added follow.


She mentioned the obvious fact that followers on Laundrie’s Pinterest account have ballooned since the first reports surfaced of Petito’s mysterious disappearance. However, she questions why there is a new “followed Pinterest account” triggered by the fugitive Laundrie.

Dodge also isn’t buying a recent North Port Police report that they have nothing to determine, one way or another, to say if Laundrie is still alive. One internet sleuth begs to differ. Minnesota blogger Shaynah Dodge thinks her new piece of “weird” evidence says Brain Laundrie is still very much alive.

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