BLM Supporter Threatens to Shoot Driver Trying to Pass Through Protest (VIDEO)

Following the shooting death of a man by police in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we're witnessing more violence in the state.

In a confrontation with police officers, Patrick Lyoya was fatally shot in the head as he tried to seize a police officer's taser. It was inevitable that many would "protest" because he is a black man.

A new "summer of love" is upon us, and we must once again contend with BLM and Antifa thugs readying themselves for another show of strength in the streets.

The thugs took to the streets over the weekend. As a group, there were genuine demonstrators, as well as those looking for trouble. For example, a man brandishes a weapon at a passing motorist as he tries to get through a protest.


Here's my take on the matter:

Do I think that the police officer was justified in using deadly force in this situation? Not really. It doesn't look like the situation had gotten that out of control as to pose an immediate risk to the life of the officer.

Given the positioning of the men and the fact that the officer managed to shoot him in the back of the head, he could have just as easily shot him anywhere else that was less lethal. If he's not capable of doing that in this particular situation, then he shouldn't be a cop because he sure as heck was able to shoot him flawlessly in the head.

That said, the reason that these incidents even arise in the first place is because the perpetrator doesn't cooperate. He tried to steal his taser and tried to run from the officer. Those are both bad decisions. Make good decisions and things will likely be alright.

That doesn't mean that there aren't some bad cops out there who have some sort of god complex and abuse their authority. But I guarantee you that 99% of these situations could be avoided entirely if there was cooperation on the part of the perpetrator.

Then one might ask why they would cooperate if they know they're going to be in trouble or go to jail because they did something wrong. This is the wrong question to ask because they already bad decisions by breaking the law in the first place.

Do right and you'll likely get treated right.

As for these thugs harassing people on the street...just stop being ignorant. The drivers trying to get through had nothing to do with this. Stop punishing them.

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