BLM Forces Lockdown of State Capitol Building...Where's the Media?

We're all aware that the mainstream media is the enemy of the people.

I promise you that our country would not be as bad off as it is right now if it weren't for the propaganda-fueled media.

They don't care about reporting the facts. They don't care about reporting fairly. Project Veritas has been one group that has exposed this time and time again by leaking video and audio from CNN executives, including the big man Jeff Zucker.

We saw how the media and the left sold the event that happened on January 6th at the Capitol. It was a bad situation, there's no doubt about that. But they played it up to be something that it wasn't. They called it an insurrection and a coup d'etat that was organized and led by President Trump himself.

For goodness sake, they even impeached him over it - the second time that they had done so. Oh, and he wasn't even in office anymore. This was all a political stunt.

Yes, people rushed the Capitol, but there was a lot of funny business about it. It even looked like the police let them go inside.

But when stuff like that happens and it doesn't fit the liberals' narrative, the media remains silent about it.

Just last week, Black Lives Matter Protesters actually forced a lockdown of the Oklahoma Capitol building.

Fox News reported,

Demonstrators chanting "Black Lives Matter" stormed the Oklahoma Capitol on Wednesday, forcing the state House of Representatives into lockdown, in order to protest several Republican-backed bills, including one that provides legal protections to motorists fleeing riots.

More than two dozen protesters filled the gallery on the fifth floor while the Oklahoma House in the chamber below was in session. Video showed demonstrators chanting, "Stand united against all hate," and "We will use our voices to stand against corruption, to fight hate, to defend Black and Brown lives." The disturbance interrupted the session for several minutes.

But see, they can't report anything negative about Black Lives Matter because that will make them look bad.

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