Black Lives Matter Rioters Get Challenged By Angry Restaurant Patron After Ruining Meal

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of all the Antifa and Black Lives Matter mess going on in our country.

Black Lives Matter really screwed up their chances of being viewed as something positive and getting some real change.

We saw what happened last year in what is now being tongue-in-cheekily referred to as "The Summer of Love". This was the time last summer where we saw cities burned to the ground, people harassed, assaulted and in some cases even killed. We saw businesses looted and destroyed.

Now Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a domestic terrorist organization. They are still harassing people on the streets and at businesses, and all for what? What are they expecting restaurant patrons to do? They're not the ones that are going to solve whatever problems they feel like they have. You need to go to the government and have real conversations with them.

But the people involved are not that smart and instead are just a bunch of low-life criminals.

Recently, a group of Black Lives Matter thugs went to harass some people outside of a restaurant in Lousiville, Kentucky when they realized they someone there wasn't going to put up with their crap.

A video taken by local reporter Haynes Gardner shows BLM showing up to taunt people dining outside at an upscale Louisville restaurant. One of the BLM group members was armed, but a restaurant patron pulled out a small pistol (see below). Another man having dinner challenged the BLM group saying, “Come on, Let’s go!” This group of Americans wasn’t going to back down from BLM thugs.

While I am definitely supportive of the restaurant patron who was armed, I don't know that he would be able to do much with that little pea shooter that he's got. That's more of the type of gun that you want if you need to shoot a squirrel in your yarn or something, not eliminate a threat.

Also...what is with people that they're so stupid that they don't even back down from a gun? Do they know what getting shot would be like or what death would look like for them? Why are people so stupid?

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