Black Lives Matter Leader Argues With Reporter Justifying Chaos (Video)

Black Lives Matter Leader, Hawk Newsome, has justified the destruction they have caused in New York by saying that the language of the riot is that of the unheard.

"The riot is the language of the unheard. What if you throw a whole bunch of tea in the water and start a war? That's what this country was built on." said Newsome

The protests were reportedly organized by a collection of 30 grassroots groups called "Decolonize This Place."

"There are a lot of black people who say 'f--- the police. But the majority of the people out there who are saying 'f--- the police', in these particular events, are white people."

"You have to really start to ask why people say, 'f--- the police. You really have to take away this fetish or the way that we fantasize policing and really look at it for what it really is."

"From day one, black people's interactions with the police had been negative. They started out with slave patrols" He argued pointing fingers at the federal Fugitive Slave Acts of 1793 and 1850 that allowed for capture and return of enslaved people. He believes it is unreasonable racist the "institution of policing".

"The Fugitive Slave Act, where they would take black people, stop them in the street, ask them for their papers if they couldn't produce them they'd send them back into slavery," he said. "Sometimes they sent free people back into slavery. The interaction between black people and the police in this country has never been good."

Lahren said she does not at all agree with his statement about police but that she wanted to stay focused on his movement.

"I'm not going to disagree with what you believe in... What I'm saying is this -- when we're talking about solving problems, the methods in which I've seen groups like Black Lives Matter advance their ills or societal grievances -- when it turns into a burning, looting in the streets, I don't see it being productive," said Lahren.

More here from Fox News:

"For a country that drops bombs on people, for a country that incarcerates people, for a country that enslaves people -- to criticize us for vandalism is preposterous," said Newsome.

"I want to make sure I'm getting you clearly," pressed Lahren. "It is OK to vandalize, to light things on fire and to loot businesses because the United States of America drops bombs on other countries, and because we have problems... people have grievances."

"It is OK to act in that manner? And you co-sign on to that as the chairman of Black Lives Matter. You were saying that that is OK?"

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