Big Win for Pilots and Flight Attendants After Judge Rules in Their Favor

Regardless of how you feel about the vaccine, it should be our own individual choice what we should do with our own health decisions.

I was talking to a friend of mine recently and he was speculating as to whether or not this is coming as a form of judgment against our nation for America's slaughter of the innocents that has been taking place for the last 50 years.

I don't necessarily agree, but I can see the irony and the connection if that were the case. The left has echoed for decades the sentiment of "my body, my choice" even though it is a false argument because it's not their body that we're concerned about, it's the one inside that we're fighting for.

Compare that to what's going on now with the mandates and people are saying the same thing, "my body, my choice", yet as a country we've allowed this atrocity to take place resulting in the deaths of millions.

Many people are either losing their jobs or quitting as a result of these mandates, but some good news came this week for airline workers.

United Airlines may not place unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave if they have requested a medical or religious exemption to the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.

In August, the airline announced that its 67,000 U.S. employees must receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Employees who requested a medical or religious exemption from the vaccine would be placed on unpaid leave, United said.

Most United employees were already vaccinated in August — 90% of pilots and 80% of flight attendants — but about 2,000 employees requested medical or religious exemption from the company.

Six employees who had requested such exemptions, including two pilots, sued the airline, arguing that United has engaged in a “pattern of discrimination against employees who requested religious or medical accommodations.” The employees said that the unpaid leave policy means they would be “effectively terminated.”

U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman in Fort Worth, Texas, granted a temporary restraining order on Tuesday to the employees who sued, blocking United from halting the paychecks of any employee requesting medical or religious vaccine exemptions.

I'm starting to see some hope in all of this. There are a lot of people who are actually standing up and fighting against the mandates and ultimately, I think the mandate will be gone after enough people quit their jobs. I think the economy may suffer GREATLY as a result of these tyrannical mandates, but we have Joe Biden and the weak companies who enforce them.

Daily Wire

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