Biden's Plan for Afghanistan May Involve a Coming Air Strike

I have a good inclination that what we're seeing in Afghanistan is part of a plan. Not a good one, but a plan nonetheless.

Mark my words, I don't know when, but I'd be willing to bet that before too long, the U.S. will launch an attack on Afghanistan to destroy the equipment that we left behind to the terrorists.

American taxpayers have funded a 20-year battle against terrorism in Afghanistan. A majority of U.S. citizens believe it's time to end our presence in a nation wrought with chaos. Ending a mission to protect Americans on American soil is not easy.

Without debating the need to reduce our level of involvement in Afghanistan, the strategy for safely and efficiently reducing our commitment is imperative. That did not happen. When you have a clown for your commander-in-chief, you get the kinds of decisions we are now faced.

Unbelievable answers to serious problems that clearly arose out of a total foreign policy blunder. Way to go, Joe. As we watch the Afghan fiasco unfold, we find it hard to appreciate why some are viewing it as something out of the ordinary.

People tried to tell Americans that Joe Biden's foreign policy record, both as a U.S. Senator and Vice President, was abysmal at best. Why are we so surprised that he has totally botched Afghanistan? This catastrophe proves it far beyond a "fool me once" scenario.

Joe Biden has been on the wrong end of foreign policy so often; it would be surprising if we weren't having problems in Afghanistan. However, now the problems have ballooned into potential threats to Americans and our allies around the world.

The way Joe Biden and his administration have handled the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is like a carnival show. One clown is running this circus. As evidence, the bungling Biden administration has left billions of dollars worth of high-tech military equipment behind.

Anyone with a working brain would have established a clear strategy to be 100 percent certain we took all our valuable equipment with us. Not Joe Biden. The Biden administration has left behind Blackhawk helicopters and hundreds of military vehicles.

Over a half-a-million light weapons have been squandered, including millions of rounds of ammunition. These weapons are in the hands of terrorists. The chaotic scenes of people trying to escape Afghanistan are only one aspect of this policy blunder.

Now, American taxpayers may have to pay to go back in and destroy the weapons Joe Biden's senselessness left behind. The total failure in Afghanistan has brought to light another chilling fact. The United States of America has a clown for commander-in-chief.

Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Page

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