Biden's DOJ Refuses to Arrest Man Attempting to Assassinate GOP Congressman (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice sees patriotic American parents, who are concerned about their children’s education, to be domestic terrorists. The Biden administration is also proposing that the IRS be empowered to spy on every American’s bank account.

However, when a crazed radical liberal threatens a sitting Congressman, Joe Biden’s DOJ doesn’t seem to think that warrants their attention. It continues the typical left-wing strategy to target conservatives with deep state operatives. It’s a troubling double standard.

It has been going on for years. One of the most heinous abuses of federal power was the Democrat-driven scam to spy on a presidential campaign. These corrupt federal officials continued their clandestine attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency for four years.

The House of Representatives tried twice to push forth bogus impeachment charges against possibly the best president in the history of our country. But again, Merrick Garland, Biden’s radical pick for the U.S. Attorney General, doesn’t deem murder threats should warrant an arrest.

Crazed liberal-supporting big tech maniacs shut down the social media accounts of President Trump. However, there has been nothing done to an individual with a Twitter handle “CIA Bob”. In a recent tweet, “Bob” boasts, “Looky here, pal. I lived in Portland. Portland has ordered a hit on you. I accepted the contract. Have a nice day”.

Now, in America, these types of proclamations should receive due process under the law. However, if you make such a public claim to kill someone, you can bet you’re going to be handcuffed and hauled off to jail. That’s how due process begins in such cases.

You threaten someone, you will be arrested. You will then be given your opportunity in court to defend your innocence against reasonable doubt, proving that you committed a crime. Furthermore, you are free to exercise your constitutional right to voice your “extenuating circumstances”, or “motives behind your bad joke”, if that’s what it was, to a judge.

When such a threat is made against a sitting member of Congress, it warrants an arrest by the Department of Justice. It did not happen. It probably will not happen. The threat was made against Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida.

Gaetz is a proud conservative Republican, who also strongly backs former President Trump. Gaetz has even floated the realistic possibility of nominating President Trump for Speaker of the House in 2022. While it may or may not happen, it could.

The liberal left has put a target on Matt Gaetz. CIA Bob not only issued a threatening tweet, he also traveled to Washington, D.C., where Representative Gaetz works. Capitol Police recommended that an arrest be made.

Such an arrest had to be approved by Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice. They refused. Garland is so far buried in Joe Biden’s back pocket; you can rest assured that he will never approve such an order.

Once thought to be bipartisan, Merrick Garland’s true liberal colors are becoming all-too-obvious. This refusal to arrest a man who made a blatant threat to kill someone happened on the eve of Merrick Garland testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This seemed like convenient timing. Gaetz insists, “it is just another example of the Department of Justice having a double standard”. The double standard applies to every liberal Democrat accused of misconduct or criminal activity. Radical liberals are treated differently.

The double standard applied to the misconduct by crooked Hillary Clinton. This same double standard has been afforded to a pair of corrupt FBI officials, Andrew McCabe and James Comey. This double standard applies to the liberal rioters who burned our cities.

But it does not apply for conservatives locked in jail for being innocently swept up in the chaos of January 6, 2020. However, the powers of deep state law enforcement were ready to pounce on any false rumor about President Trump or his family.

It is a double standard that violates the heart of America’s rule of law. Joe Biden and his DOJ are continuing to apply this double standard. They won’t even arrest a man who threatened to murder a Congressman. This is truly pathetic.

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