Biden's Approval Rating Hit a New Low Following Consecutive Catastrophes

Anyone paying attention to the news, even the mainstream media will have heard of all of the failings thus far from the Biden administration.

One of these stupid and rash decisions came on the very first day that he was sworn into office. I'm referring to Biden ending the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

This is something that has gone back and forth with passing presidents.

This permit was needed for a U.S. stretch of land of the 1,200-mile project sure to create hundreds of jobs. Now, rather than being independent, America is dependent on other countries for fuel.

Furthermore, Biden's opening of the Southern Border has been an action costing the American people millions of dollars and further exposure to COVID.

Presently, Republicans are decrying Biden's decision to withdraw troops and leave untold numbers of American citizens stranded in Afghanistan as the Taliban now controls the U.S. Embassy, a structure that cost several million dollars. Republican Representative Jim Banks calls this hasty withdrawal a "catastrophe" and an "abdication of leadership."

When asked questions about his lack of exit strategy, President Biden, who has made no contact with the Taliban, refused to answer any questions, turned his back, walked away, and returned to Camp David.

As a consequence of his failures, absences, and his refusal to answer questions from the press, the approval rating of President Biden has descended. In a recent Rasmussen poll, only 26% of those questioned strongly approve of the job performance of Biden. Those who strongly disapprove make up 42%, giving Joe Biden a Presidential Approval Index rating of -16.

UPDATE: These numbers have only continued to get worse for Biden. Since the timing of the article, his total disapproval rating has increased to 54% with 45% strongly disapproving of Biden. This bumped the Presidential Approval Index to -19 now.

Biden is quickly on track to become the worst-rated president in history, by the end of his time in the White House, he'll have skid marked his place in history as one of the worst ever.

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