Biden’s America: Desperate Mother Charged After Stealing Baby Items from Walmart

Stupidity is rampant. It certainly does blow my mind. How is it that in 2022, individuals are still not clever enough to not flee the cops...especially with a 5-week-old baby in the car?

Putting all of that aside, the Biden economy is collapsing. We're all a little poorer as a result of the current hyperinflation.

In Louisiana, a man and a 5-week-old baby are dead thanks to a woman after stealing from Walmart and engaging in a high-speed chase with them in the car.

According to Daily Mail,

A five-week-old baby and a man were killed in a horrific crash after a mother led police on a high-speed chase after stealing baby products from a Louisiana Walmart.

Edward Williams, of Monroe, and a five-week-old baby died after Candance Gill, 38, led police on a chase that ended up in two crumpled cars shortly after 6pm on Monday.

Gill and Williams were reportedly confronted by security at a Walmart for stealing baby products. By the time police arrived to the scene, the couple had already fled in their vehicle.

Gill’s silver Chevrolet Camaro was spotted speeding down a highway by witnesses.

An ‘officer pursued and activated his lights and sirens, but the vehicle failed to stop,’ the police report, obtained by KNOE, said.

She reportedly drove on the shoulder of the road and ran several red lights shortly before crashing into another vehicle near Highway 165 and Renwick Street.

Then the women fled the scene. It didn't take long before she was apprehended though. Honestly though, what percentage of high-speed chase suspects actually get away in the end? It's not many.

And to think, this was all over some cheap baby items. There are ways to acquire these items legally without killing anyone, even if you are desperate. Ask a church. Ask someone at the store. I know it's awkward, but is it any worse than killing your loved ones? I highly doubt it.

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