Biden, Who Was Elected 'By the People and For the People' Deathly Afraid of the People

If you look back in history, and even if you look at some countries today, there is a way that you can see whether or not the person running that country is legitimate and whether or not he is a dictator.

If the leader of that country is afraid of the people of the nation, then more than likely, it's becasue you're a dictator and you're leading the country illegitimately.

Keep in mind, Joe Biden was supposed to have been elected by 81 million people, but the man fears his life.

There are a number of reasons why we know this to be true, but honestly, three of them stand out above the rest.

The first one is a bit passive, but the fact that Biden continues to avoid questioning during press briefings is very telling. Of course, there is the exception when some liberal reporters who were handpicked to ask staged questions.

The other two are much more extreme and it's something that you see only in dictator-ruled, third-world countries.

The first should be the obvious fence that they've built around the White House and Capitol building. Why does he need protection from the people? It's because the people know that he's not legitimate.

The ironic thing about the whole thing is that Democrats are so against criminals getting into the Capitol or the White House that they built a fence around them, but when it comes to criminals getting into the country, they say tear down that wall.

The other thing is that they are still bringing in thousands of National Guard troops to guard the fence and the buildings contained inside. Where was this protection when Antifa and Black Lives Matter were destroying federal property last year? Where are they now on the West Coast now that Antifa has started back up once again?

But take a look at this. This is Washington, D.C. and that's troops unloading once again.

Reportedly, there will be thousands of National Guard troops remaining in D.C. until at least March, but in all honesty, will likely be longer. I think theoretically, they're claiming that all of this is precautionary measures due to the coming impeachment trial, but we all know the truth.

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