Biden Went Off Script During SOTU...Did You Catch It? (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s failed presidency has taken yet another turn for the worse when his State of the Union address descended into a cringeworthy blunder. While discussing the US's increasingly volatile relationship with rising superpower China, he seemed to get carried away as he yelled, "Name me a world leader who'd change places with Xi Jinping! Name me one! Name me one!" This agitated outburst led to much confusion and snarky responses on social media, as many could not make sense of the anger-infused question. Even more found this latest display par for the course from an often-befuddled Democrat.

However, it seems that President Biden was completely off-script during this rant, as review of White House transcript confirms. What he should have said was “Autocracies have grown weaker, not stronger. America is rallying the world again to meet those challenges, from climate and global health, to food insecurity, to terrorism and territorial aggression." This was brought up in response to China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning's statement that "The Chinese side has always believed that China-U.S. relations are not a zero-sum game..." Her reply was China’s insistence that they will stand up for their interests and security despite US attempts to define the relationship through competition instead of collaboration.

It would be hard pressed to find anyone who argues against China’s goal of becoming a global leader while the US under Biden slides into mediocrity in numerous areas such as border control, drug cartels smuggling contraband across borders, economic growth dragged down by higher inflation rates than in recent memory, and military weakened by political correctness embraced by its leaders. All these issues have been growing since Biden took office even leading to an official within his administration being fired after stealing women’s luggage at airports.

It is quite clear that what America needs now more than ever is an “America First” president, someone who puts domestic interests first before spending billions defending another nation’s border or supporting foreign wars which do very little for its own citizens at home. Nothing less than a return to patriotism will restore America to its former glory, one where it can stand tall amongst other nations like China and hold its head high instead of looking down in shame due to its lackluster leadership standards over recent years.

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