Biden Turned Down Offer for US to Control the Airport and the City

Things keep getting worse and worst for Joe Biden.

The whole withdrawal and allowing the Taliban to take control over Afghanistan is bad enough, but he keeps making it worse.

We just learned that Biden had an opportunity to gain control over Kabul and the Kabul airport, however, Biden decided not to take this needed option. This type of blunder will be recognized for many years ahead as one of the biggest mistakes made by the current administration.

The Taliban offered to let the United States take over control of Kabul while the terror group would remain outside waiting on President Joe Biden’s self-imposed withdrawal deadline of August 31 for the U.S. The United States turned down the offer, giving Kabul over to the Taliban while retaining control of Hamid Karzai International Airport, according to The Washington Post.

As the Taliban surrounded the city in mid-August, then-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani secretly fled the city, leaving behind members of his cabinet and government and surprising Afghan and American officials alike. In the president’s absence, the city’s governance collapsed, and the U.S. and Taliban entered unusual, face-to-face negotiations about the city’s future.

It seems while the Taliban was taking control of Kabul in record time, only taking a few hours to seize control, many top US military officials were on vacation.

The senior staff of the White House also had plans for vacation on Friday before the Taliban took control of Kabul.

As the media attempted to contact the press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki, she was nowhere to be found, rather a leaving a message to the reporters who tried to contact her. Psaki was also on vacation, rather than tackling one of the biggest issues that have hit this administration.

Officials from the United States had thought that the Taliban would not be able to take control over the country including Kabul, due to the Afghan government's protection. However, this assessment was totally incorrect, as the Taliban took total control in days, not the expected 6 months the White House had assessed prior.

Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, ordered the US Embassy to be cleared and order departure. This order was given, even though many of the important classified documents and equipment, located in the building, had not been disposed of properly. Now, the Taliban has all these items in their possession. A true disaster for an already disastrous White House Administration.

Daily Wire

Photo Credit: Jacob Freeze

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