Biden Still Refuses to Answer Press Questions and It’s Shocking World Leaders

Presidents in the United States have valued the role played in our democracy by the press corps for decades. The men and women, who ask the hard questions of our government and report about our democratic political process, are important ears for the citizens.

Many presidents seem to have an uncanny talent for earning favoritism in the journalistic eye. Others have found it hard to catch a break from a rabid throng of reporters, each one bent on painting an abysmal picture for their audience, regardless of the truth.

President Trump was a perfect model for a public servant who could never win favor in the press's eye. President Trump struggled through an arduous four years, seemingly having to defend himself at every turn.

The press twisted the truth or flat out lied. Nevertheless, President Trump never shied away from speaking to reporters, never. President Bill Clinton was a media darling, and Barack Obama made sure he got the questions he wanted by handpicking reporters.

Both liberal democrats manipulated journalistic integrity like no other president on record. They were masters at controlling their liberal megaphone, otherwise the mainstream media. These two Democrat leaders spent eight years, each buoyed by favorable media coverage.

However, Joe Biden's handlers have taken the art of press manipulation to another level. When Biden does answer questions, like his keeper Barack Obama, Joe has a pre-selected cast of reporters, usually lobbing childishly easy inquiries. It's mostly meaningless drivel.

And then there is the other strategy employed by the Biden administration. Simply don't talk. Despite being guided to avoid the tough questions, even reporters are questioning the undeniable avoidance strategy being played by the White House.

After speaking in front of world leaders and distinguished dignitaries, Joe Biden sat down with his counterpart Boris Johnson from the United Kingdom. Johnson essentially made Biden look like the old grandpa sitting in an adjacent chair.

If not so destructive to the visible perception other nations have of our Commander-in-Chief, it was laughable. However, the press didn't find this event quite as funny. For once, the media complained about the lack of transparency by our illustrious leader.

Joe Biden has taken reporter manipulation to a whole new level. It is disgusting. Not only is he frequently tossed meaningless questions, now he is ever-increasingly not taking questions at all.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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