Biden Responds To Question About Hunter

President Joe Biden has been the target of immense criticism across social media following his berating of Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy during a press briefing.

The heated exchange began after Doocy asked the president about the testimony of Devon Archer, a former business associate of Biden’s son who has stated that he heard the president speaking to potential business clients as Vice President.

"There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speakerphone a lot with them talking business. What-" Doocy started.

Biden sought to shut down the inquiry by claiming that Doocy would "have a lousy question" and then demanding "Because it’s not true," when asked why he would not accept the question.

Commentators across social media expressed outrage at the president's behavior and called it a "dereliction of journalistic duty" for the White House press corps to stand idly by while he lambasted the reporter and refused to answer the question.

"Once again, Doocy asks a firm question politely and never gets flustered as the president calls his question ‘lousy.’ Why is it lousy-it’s a perfect follow-up," tweeted NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) weighed in on the matter, writing, "He gets so angry when a journalist asks him about anything other than the flavor of ice cream he chose today. Over and over again, Joe Biden just straight denies—no matter the evidence or allegations. It’s sadly predictable, and his party will continue to enable it."

In addition to the condemnation of the president’s verbal lashing of Doocy, other commentators sought to answer the question that Biden refused to address. Rogan O’Handley denounced Biden as a "coward" and stated, "Peter Doocy confronts Biden about his involvement w/Hunter’s foreign bribe deals after Devon Archer testified Joe was on at least 20+ calls to lock in the bribes."

Andrew Wilcow, host of the Wilkow Majority radio show, mockingly wrote that Biden's response that Doocy's question was "not true" was sufficient to clear up the issue. "Well I guess that clears it up, everybody let’s pack it up and go home," he tweeted.

However, the president's claims of innocence have been quickly disputed by Republican National Committee strategic communications director Tommy Pigott, who wrote, "Joe Biden literally wrote a letter to Devon Archer in 2011 expressing his excitement about Devon's partnership with Hunter. Not only that, there's a voicemail from Biden to Hunter saying he wanted to discuss an article on Hunter's ‘business’ dealings in China."

The president has yet to address the claims made by Doocy and the accusations that he was aware of and profiting off his son's business practices. Until then, citizens and commentators alike are sure to continue their debates over the president's involvement in this scandal.

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