Biden Responds To Jim Jordan House Votes

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a media conference at a NATO summit in Brussels, Monday, June 14, 2021. U.S. President Joe Biden is taking part in his first NATO summit, where the 30-nation alliance hopes to reaffirm its unity and discuss increasingly tense relations with China and Russia, as the organization pulls its troops out after 18 years in Afghanistan. (Olivier Hoslet, Pool via AP)

President Joe Biden's latest gaffe has once again landed him in hot water as he continues to face criticism for his handling of crises in the Middle East. On Friday, instead of addressing the escalating tensions and violence in the region, Biden appeared to be more concerned with attending a summit meeting with EU leaders and raising campaign funds.

During the meeting with EU leaders, Biden had trouble with his notes and went off on a tangent about his Uncle Frank, leaving many confused. He then proceeded to attend a campaign fundraiser, before heading off to the beach for another weekend vacation.

But Biden's day was not over yet. In his remarks at the fundraiser, he made claims that raised eyebrows among reporters in attendance. He suggested that Hamas may have attacked Israel because "they knew he was about to sit down with the Saudis." This statement is not only nonsensical but also suggests that he is taking credit for the peace efforts between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which were initiated by former President Donald Trump. This is just one example of many instances where Biden seems to be trying to take credit for the achievements of his predecessor.

Furthermore, Biden's comments on Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu were also troublesome. He reportedly told Netanyahu that he didn't "agree with a damn thing you say." This rhetoric from a president who claims to be a "unifier" is not only divisive but also unhelpful in the already tense situation.

To make matters worse, Biden also threw Israel under the bus again by suggesting that they should delay their invasion until more hostages could be released. This comment received backlash from pro-Israel groups, and the White House was forced to issue a statement walking back Biden's remarks, claiming that he had "misheard" the question. This is just another instance where Biden's lack of clarity and weak leadership have caused confusion and harm.

Meanwhile, the situation in the Middle East continues to escalate with Americans being killed and held hostage, and U.S. forces coming under attack. Yet, Biden seems to be more focused on attending fundraisers and taking vacations rather than addressing these pressing issues.

It is no surprise that Biden's latest series of gaffes have sparked criticism and concern among the American people. How can a man who struggles to read teleprompters, hear reporters, and manage his way off a stage be trusted to lead the nation? It is clear that his weaknesses and lack of leadership are only exacerbating the ongoing crises in the Middle East.

In contrast, Biden's petty remark about Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who recently failed in his bid to be House Speaker, further demonstrates his small-mindedness and inability to unite a deeply divided nation.

As the Middle East continues to be engulfed in violence and turmoil, it is crucial for the President to prioritize addressing these issues and providing strong and decisive leadership. Yet, Biden's actions and words only add to the chaos and confusion. The American people deserve a strong and capable leader, not someone who spends their time on vacations and campaign fundraising.

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